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NASP has a long history of satisfied students. Look at what your industry peers are saying about the training provided by NASP. We are always interested in getting feedback from our students, so if you’ve got something to say, please contact us today. For a complete list of our clients, click here.

Great class with a lot to cover. I enjoyed the class, felt that I got a lot out of it! I was very thankful I was able to attend. Great program all around.

- John Kammerzell – Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System

By far, the best safety training I have had!

- Dan Beigel – Inopex Management Services, Inc.

I just wanted to say “thank you” to you and your Team!!!  It was a really great class and I have been raving how much I enjoyed it (and my peers in the class).  The NASP team made the presentation not only accurate but interesting for which I am grateful!  Y’all made OSHA “fun”!

- Becca Provost – Safety Officer at Fond du Lac Human Services Division

I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching the CSM course. It was by far the most enjoyable as well as informative course I have taken.

- Macken Dobbin – Safety Manager, Whelen Engineering

The CSM class was an eye opener for me in many ways, and I learned a ton of extremely valuable information.  The instructor’s experiences and sharing were the right way to help drive home the importance of the learning.  I will be much more effective in my role as a result of this training, making it extremely valuable

- Larry Hortenstine – Director of Safety and Quality at Synovos

I just want to say thank you all at NASP, any contact I have had with you or your staff there has been a great experience. The level of education NASP provides exceeded my expatiations and I am very proud to be a member.

- Ty Little

It was an amazing experience taking your CSM course. I admire the instructor’s knowledge and facilitation methods. NASP’s approach is a Class Act.

- Nick

I can only again thank you all at NASP for the knowledge, spirit, and intestinal fortitude for helping SEI achieve and maintain a 0.64 EMR.

- Adam

I want to just say again how much I enjoyed the CSM class. The instructor did a great job, and I felt it was a great learning experience for me, and look forward to utilizing that “education” in a positive way with our Safety group.

- Chris

Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you again for putting on such a great course.

- Bill

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Creating a safety culture in the workplace can be difficult. This 40-hour course provides students with the tools necessary to implement proper safety training and an effective safety program.

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NASP is entering into new franchise agreements with safety training organizations outside of the United States. The NASP franchisee will be accredited to offer a classroom version of the CSM Course, as well as any of the Certificate of Achievement Courses and Specialist Courses.  NASP franchise partners will also be accredited to offer other safety related courses not usually offered by NASP, in their areas of expertise and approved by NASP, and receive certification for their students.

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