Train Your Employees Above Minimum Compliance

NASP’s 10-hour and 30-hour courses provide a fresh and interactive take on the traditional 10- and 30-hour training courses currently on the market. Our immersive courses provide training on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of workplace hazards, all while keeping employees engaged.

NASP vs. OTI Courses

OSHA does not recognize courses other than those sponsored by OTI; however, many other organizations, such as ourselves, provide alternatives to the OTI version of the 10- and 30-hour course. Because the Outreach Training Program is voluntary for OSHA, an employer has discretion in enforcing safety and health training requirements at their work sites and determines if a card meets their acceptability standard.

The real question is whether the company you work for (or clients) requires a Dept of Labor 10- or 30-hour “blue” card or whether the NASP cards are acceptable. Only seven states require DOL cards, and they are for construction companies only (does not include anyone working in General Industry). These states require employees to complete the 10-hour construction course before going on-site, including New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Missouri, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. In all other states, the 10 & 30-hour courses are voluntary.

Group Pricing

Own Our Courses

That’s right; you can own these courses! Unlike OTI’s traditional 10- and 30-hour courses, our training can be site-specific and tailored to your company’s safety-related plans and programs. Does your company have its own Learning Management System (LMS)? We will send you our SCORM-formatted files, and you can be up and running in no time!

Don’t have an LMS? That’s okay! We can create a custom 10- and 30-hour training course for your company and house it on ours! From our LMS, you can track progress, print and view reports, and more.

Submit a quote request today, and our training and development team will contact you shortly.

Become a 10- and 30-hour Instructor

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