NASP/IASP Consulting & Training Services

NASP/IASP Consultants and trainers constitute an extensive network of certified consultants and trainers that are highly regarded in the safety field worldwide. We have hundreds of consultants and trainers available through our membership as well as exceptional staff consultants and trainers. All NASP/IASP consultants and trainers are certified by NASP/IASP to ensure the highest level of proficiency available in the safety field.

Site Specific Safety Training:

We will send experienced and certified trainers into your facility and provide the training required by OSHA, all relevant best practices, and the specific needs of your employees. Our training methodology is world renowned for its ability to captivate trainees and ensure maximum retention of the material covered. Typically, this may be more cost-effective than sending employees to an open-enrollment course if you have ten (10) or more employees.

The Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Eliminate personnel travel time and associated expenses
  • Address your specific equipment and systems
  • You choose the course schedule – mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends
  • Customize course length by adjusting content covered
  • Customize course content by adjusting topics and equipment models addressed
  • Courses are presented at the knowledge level of your personnel
  • Have personnel available on site should an emergency situation occur
  • Ensure a consistent training message for all of your personnel
  • Have privacy to discuss company-specific concerns

Professional Staffing Services, permanent and temporary (corporate, onsite, multiple sites):

We can act as your safety department or any part of it. You may have needs for specific expertise but are not prepared to employ someone full time who has that expertise. You may be small and you do not need a full-time safety professional or you may not need one specific person, like an accident investigator on a full-time basis. Or you may be larger but do not want the responsibility of hiring a few people to meet your wide array of safety needs. If you contract with NASP/IASP to be your safety department or to provide specific expertise within it, you have the advantage of having dozens of safety professionals with varying specializations on your staff. We will contract with you on a project by project basis or on an annual basis to meet your safety needs.

Safety and Environmental Inspections and Audits:

We will perform an evaluation of your safety needs in any or all areas. This may include any of the following:

  • an audit of your safety plans and programs for effectiveness and compliance with OSHA or EPA,
  • an inspection of your facility for hazards or violations, or
  • a review of your records for effectiveness and compliance.

A popular option is our mock OSHA inspection. We can imitate OSHA in order to give you and your employees the important experience of an OSHA inspection. Our inspectors will perform a complete compliance inspection of your facility including interviewing employees just like OSHA does. We follow up with an OSHA-like report that notes violations and estimates fines. We can even give you the experience of taking part in an OSHA informal conference to discuss your violations and fines.

Site Specific Safety Plan and Program Development (all required and suggested plans and programs):

Our consultants have reported over the years that one of the weakest elements of a Safety Management System in business and industries is safety plans, programs and SOPs. These documents are an employer’s way of telling employees how to perform safely in the facility. An often-discovered management failure is purchasing “canned” plans and programs or copying them from another facility. Neither of these options fulfills your obligation to your employees.

Plans and programs must be site-specific and include a risk assessment. These documents take generic OSHA regulations, apply them to your site, and inform employees on the proper operating procedures in your workplace. We can evaluate your existing plans and programs and make recommendations on revisions or development of new programs.

Comprehensive Training Programs (including General Industry, Construction, and Petroleum):

We can evaluate your current training program and/or design a new comprehensive program for your company. Our training curriculum for your business will be site specific. We will design a program that meets all OSHA requirements, all relevant best practices, and the specific needs of your employees.

e-Learning Basic Training Safety Courses:

Employers are demanding different safety training today than in the past. They want it to be quick so they do not have to remove employees from production for any longer than is necessary. They want it to be effective and efficient, giving employees the material they need without unnecessary information that may not be relevant to the task. Keep the workers safe, no more, and no less is the mandate. That’s why NASP developed its e-Learning Basic Training Safety Courses.

These courses are designed to provide basic OSHA compliance and meet awareness level training as required by the standards. They cover the primary topics of workplace safety and there are over 60 topics from which to choose. Click here to see a full listing of topics and call an NASP representative for multiple student discounts or the complete library for unlimited use in your onsite LMS.

If you would like a quote for services, you can call us at 1-(800) 922-2219 or fill out this form.