How to Renew your Course

Most NASP/IASP Courses must be renewed within three (3) years of the original certification date (see chart below for renewal requirements). To renew your courses, please login here to access your member dashboard and then scroll to your Expired Certification and click the “Renew” button. You will then be guided through the checkout process to renew your course. After your payment is completed, you will have instant access to the course materials once again to review in preparation for taking the recertification exam. Once you have successfully completed the exam, you will receive a new course certificate in the mail.

Professional Recertification:

Licensed Safety Professional (LSP)$5953 Years
Certified Safety Director (CSD)$4953 Years
Certified Safety Manager (CSM)$3953 Years
Certified Environmental Professional (CEP)$5953 Years
Certified Environmental Director (CED)$4953 Years
Certified Environmental Manager (CEM)$3953 Years

Certificates of Achievement Recertification:

Environmental Health & Safety Professional Certificate$2503 Years
Safety Auditor Certificate (SAC)$1953 Years
Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (H2S): Train-The-Trainer$3003 Years

Petroleum Related Recertification:

Petroleum Safety Administrator (PSA) – Pipeline Series$4503 Years
Petroleum Safety Manager (PSM) – Pipeline Series$3753 Years
Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) – Pipeline Series$3003 Years
Petroleum Safety Administrator (PSA) – Refinery Series$4503 Years
Petroleum Safety Manager (PSM) – Refinery Series$3753 Years
Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) – Refinery Series$3003 Years
Petroleum Safety Administrator (PSA) – Drilling Series$4503 Years
Petroleum Safety Manager (PSM) – Drilling Series$3753 Years
Petroleum Safety Specialist (PSS) – Drilling Series$3003 Years

Specialist Designation Recertification:

Behavior Based Safety Specialist (BBS)$1503 Years
Confined Space Entry Specialist (CSS)$1503 Years
Confined Space Rescue Specialist (CRS)$1501 Year
DOT Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Specialist (ADS)$1503 Years
DOT HAZMAT Specialist (DHS)$1503 Years
Electrical Safety Specialist (ESS)$1503 Years
Emergency Management Specialist (SEM)$1503 Years
Environmental Specialist (ENS)$1503 Years
Fire Prevention Specialist (FPS)$1503 Years
Forklift Safety Specialist (FSS)$1503 Years
Hazard Communication Specialist (HCS)$1503 Years
Lockout Tagout Specialist (LTS)$1503 Years
Machine Guarding Specialist (MGS)$1503 Years
Occupational Injury & Illness Safety Specialist (OSS)$1503 Years
OSHA Recordkeeping Specialist (ORS)$1503 Years
Personal Protective Equipment Specialist (PES)$1503 Years
Steel Erection Specialist (SES)$1503 Years
Trenching and Excavation Specialist (TES)$1503 Years
Workplace Ergonomics Specialist (WES)$1503 Years
Workplace Violence Prevention Specialist (VPS)$1503 Years

Technician Level Courses Recertification:

Accident Investigation Course$953 Years
Arc Flash Course$953 Years
Behavior Based Safety Course$953 Year
Bloodborne Pathogens Course$953 Years
DOT HAZMAT Course$953 Years
Chemical Safety Course$953 Years
Combustible Dust Course$953 Years
Confined Space Entry Course$953 Years
Electrical Safety Course$953 Years
Fall Protection & Elevated Structures Course$953 Years
Fire Protection/Prevention, Exit Routes and Emergency Plans Course$953 Years
Forklift Operator License$953 Years
Hand and Portable Power Tools Course$953 Years
Hazard Communication Course$953 Years
HAZWOPER Refresher Course$951 Years
Hearing Conservation Course$953 Years
Job Hazard Analysis Course$953 Years
Lockout Tagout Course$953 Years
Machine Guarding Course$953 Years
Materials Handling Safety Course$953 Years
OSHA Recordkeeping Course$953 Years
Personal Protective Equipment Course$953 Years
Safety Inspections Course$953 Years
Steel Erection Course$953 Years
Trenching & Excavation Course$953 Years
Welding, Cutting, Brazing Safety Course$953 Years
Workplace Ergonomics Course$953 Years
Workplace Violence Prevention Course$953 Years

Environmental Related Recertifications:

Environmental Specialist (ENS)$1503 Years
Hazardous Waste Management Specialist (HMS)$1503 Years
Certified Safety Manager (CSM)$4953 Years
Spill Containment Specialist (SCS)$1503 Years

HAZWOPER Series Recertifications:

HAZMAT Emergency Response Awareness Level$5951 Year
HAZMAT Emergency Response Operations Level$951 Year
HAZMAT Emergency Response Technician$951 Year
HAZMAT Emergency Response Incident Commander$951 Year
HAZMAT Emergency Response Refresher Level$951 Year
8 Hour Site Supervisor$951 Year
8 Hour Site Worker Refresher$951 Year
HAZWOPER Supervisor Specialist$1503 Years
HAZMAT Emergency Response Specialist$1503 Years
HAZWOPER Train-The-Trainer$4953 Years