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NASP/IASP is an organization providing training, consultative services, and third-party certifications that validate knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of workplace safety.

The primary mission of NASP/IASP is to provide safety professionals with innovative training opportunities and professional certification to assist them in carrying out their safety related functions with confidence and proven competence.

NASP/IASP offers workplace safety and environmental safety courses and certifications for general industry, the construction industry, and the petroleum industry.


The primary objectives of NASP/IASP are:


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  • to provide support for safety professionals through access to quality, classroom style training courses, access to quality independent study courses and access to quality and affordable training, planning and assessment materials

  • to teach innovative methods of ensuring that employees and students understand and retain more of the critical information necessary to prevent accidents and save lives

  • to provide a means for safety professionals to establish and demonstrate their level of expertise to employers, potential employers, and students through professional certification

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