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Our innovative approach and in-depth course content have made us the leading global environmental, health, and safety training provider. Today, NASP offers a host of live safety training classes, providing engaging classroom training to help environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals meet and exceed their regulatory needs.

Accredited Courses That Meet the Needs of EHS Professionals

Regardless of your experience level as a safety professional, our in-person safety courses ensure you have the expertise to successfully implement safety management and training initiatives at your place of work. You can rest assured that no matter which of our courses you pursue, we will deliver a comprehensive and accredited course relevant to your industry.

NASP is committed to helping you achieve your safety training goals. Completing our safety management and train-the-trainer courses enables you to implement safety systems that benefit your company in the following ways:

  • Compliance with EHS regulatory agency standards
  • Reduced unforeseen expenses resulting from workplace accidents and incidents
  • Protecting employees from illness, injury, and death

Our In-Person Safety Training Classes

NASP offers expertly designed courses for general industry applications and specific industries such as government agencies, oil and natural gas producers, and the construction industry. Each class encourages interactivity through visual multimedia learning aids, classroom activities, and games, promoting optimal understanding, memorization, and recall.

We categorize our live safety training classes into core class types as follows:

  • Professional courses: Safety professionals benefit from improved overall safety knowledge and receive industry-specific learning they can use to train personnel and develop effective safety management systems.
  • Certificate courses: Students can capitalize on role-specific courses to gain greater technical safety knowledge and know-how related to their field.
  • Specialist courses: Individuals enhance their safety skills and knowledge through topic-specific training related to various industries such as construction, environmental, and petroleum-related environments.

The Benefits of Choosing a NASP Live Safety Training Course

Opting for a NASP in-person safety course ensures you develop the utmost competence in your role as a safety professional. It benefits you in numerous ways, including:

  • Accredited courses: All NASP safety courses are IACET accredited and ANSI Z490.1 compliant.
  • Better information retention: Our EHS training methods ensure that safety remains top-of-mind.
  • Passionate safety culture: We care about workplace safety and instill the same passion in our students.
  • Suitability for different industries: NASP live safety courses will benefit any EHS profession, irrespective of their industry.
  • Updated credentials: Our CEUs ensure that safety professionals remain up-to-date with their credential requirements.
  • Enhanced career development: With a NASP certificate or certification, you could qualify for a salary increase or higher-paying position.

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