Live lockout tagout course lead by an NASP instructor.

Live Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer Course

As a safety supervisor or manager, you have a crucial role in implementing and enforcing pertinent EHS systems in the workplace, especially in environments with potential energy source hazards. Employees who service and maintain machines and equipment must receive critical training concerning the control of hazardous energy to avoid accidents and injury. At NASP, we offer an in-depth live Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer course for safety professionals like you to provide your team with the safety training systems needed to protect themselves and their colleagues.

Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer Course Information

This course is 16 hours long and is packed with vital information, providing students with integral EHS training to deal with energy source hazards. Get an engaging two days of instructor-led training in Orlando, Florida, when you attend the Live Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer course.

Ensuring your qualification remains current is essential. The major regulatory bodies require certificate holders to attend a refresher course every three years.

Benefits of Attending the Lockout Tagout Training Course

Once you’ve completed training, you’ll have the expertise and tools to initiate safety systems and provide empowering EHS lockout tagout training in the workplace. With the skills gained, you place yourself in a position to effect positive change at your company or the companies of those you train. You will have the potential to increase team morale and influence a positive company culture related to environmental, health, and safety concerns.

Key Outcomes of Our In-Person Training Course

The many outcomes of the live Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer course include:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of lockout tagout procedures and regulations
  • Train your team using innovative and interactive NASP training methodologies
  • Receive detailed program and plan outlines created by NASP professionals
  • Develop and implement an effective lockout tagout program in the workplace
  • Understand and work to comply with OSHA regulations and standards
  • Prevent unexpected equipment startups or energy releases, mitigating injury

Live Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer Course Description

The in-person Lockout Tagout training course covers vital information. Some of the standout concepts and topics covered include:

  • Developing a hazardous energy control procedure (HECP)
  • Identifying energy isolation devices (EIDs)
  • Identifying lockout tagout devices
  • Steps for effective lockout tagout application
  • Formulating and implementing a lockout tagout program
  • Understanding and managing group lockout tagout
  • Inspection procedures
  • OSHA interpretations and rulings
  • Dealing with exceptions and special cases
  • Practical applications

NASP Is Your Trusted Lockout Tagout Training Course Provider

Obtain your Lockout Tagout Train-the-Trainer certificate from NASP, the leading dynamic, engaging, and highly effective safety training provider. We offer an array of professional, specialist, and certificate courses recognized worldwide.


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