Live HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer course led by an NASP instructor.

Live HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer Course

Hazardous waste operation and emergency response training is essential for the safety of those involved in environmental clean-up and emergency response. The NASP live HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer course delivers critical training to safety professionals in this field, allowing them to provide proper HAZMAT and HAZWOPER training to others. Students who complete this course will be in a position to make a significant positive impact on the overall safety of those working in hazardous waste environments.

Essential Course Information

The 40-hour HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer course covers several essential hazardous waste operation and emergency response topics to ensure each attendee is equipped to implement safety procedures where needed.

As with all foundational courses, there is no prior HAZWOPER knowledge or experience needed to qualify. While practical experience is a requirement to obtain the certificate, you will receive the needed practical experience in class through this course. You must renew your certificate every three years to ensure it remains valid over the long term.

Reasons to Attend the HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer Course

The HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer certificate equips you with the skills and tools to initiate and manage comprehensive safety programs within your company. These capabilities include teaching and empowering your employees with the knowledge required to increase safety and reduce risk in the workplace.

Course Outcomes

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) supervisors, managers, and directors who choose to complete the HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer course through NASP enjoy the ability to:

  • Provide HAZMAT and HAZWOPER safety training to others and issue the relevant qualifications.
  • Access quality training material, including the Emergency Response Guidebook, NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, and detailed programs, plans, and checklists.
  • Understand OSHA, EPA, DOT, and other regulatory bodies’ requirements and how to enforce them in the workplace.
  • Gain practical experience and theoretical knowledge in hazardous waste operation and emergency response.
  • Strengthen your in-house safety programs and systems with HAZWOPER resources and information.

40-Hour HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer Class Description

Our HAZWOPER course dives deep into several crucial EHS, hazardous waste, and emergency response-related topics, giving you all the training you need as a safety professional, including:

  • Regulations and compliance
  • Chemistry, toxicology, and industrial hygiene
  • Hazard evaluation
  • Monitoring protocols
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Decontamination
  • Medical surveillance implementation and management
  • Spill and leak control
  • Physical demonstrations
  • Hands-on practical experience

Get Your HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer Certificate

With over 20 years of experience, NASP is the global leader in environmental, health, and safety training, offering a host of live courses recognized worldwide. Our safety industry professionals meticulously developed each course to ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to initiate and manage successful in-house safety systems and instill a positive safety culture.


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