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NASP has a long history of satisfied students. Look at what your industry peers are saying about the training provided by NASP. We are always interested in getting feedback from our students, so if you’ve got something to say, please contact us today. For a complete list of our clients, click here.

For someone who has been in the safety and security field for 19 years I find the information this organization provides to be highly effective and cost effective.

- Pamela Nery

Great Source for training and information Eric is awesome and will go the extra mile for you. Thanks for all the years of your support in my Career and the support when I needed you each time I called you guys.

- Amos Wells

One of the best trainings I’ve attended in my entire career.

- Fred Dyess

Very awesome and professional class. Totally enjoyed the atmosphere and environment. Information provided was above and beyond. Great job.

- Kyle McConnell

Course material was excellent. Practical drills with suiting up was informative and educational. Would recommend to others.

- Anonymous student survey

The instruction was great, and it focused on the needs of our facilities. It was presented in terms I can relate to.

- Benjamin Pearson

Great Source for training and information Eric is awesome and will go the extra mile for you. Thanks for all the years of your support in my career and the support when I needed you each time I called you guys.

- Amos Wells Jr

Very thorough and prepared!!! Top-notch trainer Eric is an amazing speaker with knowledge exceeding my expectations! Thanks, NASP team for educating me…

- Carl Harris

Great training and great instructors. Highly recommended for safety professionals of all levels. Supportive and encouraging!!!

- Justin Gallo

NASP provides a valuable breakdown of the topics and regulations that are prominent in every workplace. In addition to the training, the support that you receive as a member helps you stay up to date with trends and changes within the safety/compliance environment. Finally, a group that not only practices what they preach but also incorporates integrity and values into their drive to keep people safe.

- Greg Libby

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NASP/IASP Consulting & Training Services

NASP/IASP Consultants and trainers constitute an extensive network of certified consultants and trainers that are highly regarded in the safety field worldwide. We have hundreds of consultants and trainers available through our membership as well as exceptional staff consultants and trainers. All NASP/IASP consultants and trainers are certified by NASP/IASP to ensure the highest level of proficiency available in the safety field.

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Workplace Ergonomics Specialist Live Course – October 5-6 – Orlando, FL

This course is designed for individuals who desire the necessary knowledge and skills to help reduce work-related musculoskeletal and nerve disorders through the application of ergonomic control measures and designs. Individuals benefiting from this course include, but are not limited to, ergonomic team leaders, safety specialists, safety managers, OT and PTs, nurses, industrial hygienists, healthcare professionals, engineers, line managers, and others with responsibilities to reduce ergonomically-related workplace injuries.

Find out more about these exciting upcoming classes here.

Workplace Ergonomics Specialist: Live Course in Orlando, Florida

NASP and Fit For Work (FFW) invite you to join us for a special, educational event taking place in Orlando on October 5th and 6th. Co-instructed by NASP Executive Director Eric Gislason and Fit For Work VP of Technical Operations James Rethaber, Ph.D., CPE, LSSMBB, the Workplace Ergonomics Specialist Live…

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NASP is entering into new franchise agreements with safety training organizations outside of the United States. The NASP franchisee will be accredited to offer a classroom version of the CSM Course, as well as any of the Certificate of Achievement Courses and Specialist Courses.  NASP franchise partners will also be accredited to offer other safety related courses not usually offered by NASP, in their areas of expertise and approved by NASP, and receive certification for their students.

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