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I REALLY did get so much from this class, my mind couldn’t stop thinking of ways to prepare my classes so that our teams would get more out of it, ways to change things, documentation strategies to get us in order to have a good audit! So much more! I can’t say thank you enough!

- Mary

It was an amazing experience taking your CSM course. I admire the instructor’s knowledge and facilitation methods. NASP’s approach is a Class Act.

- Nick

I can only again thank you all at NASP for the knowledge, spirit, and intestinal fortitude for helping SEI achieve and maintain a 0.64 EMR.

- Adam

I want to just say again how much I enjoyed the CSM class. The instructor did a great job, and I felt it was a great learning experience for me, and look forward to utilizing that “education” in a positive way with our Safety group.

- Chris

Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you again for putting on such a great course.

- Bill

Your organization gives our training efforts increased credibility and acceptance by those in business and industry. We are proud of and very happy with our partnership and look forward to continued activities together in the future.

- Ginny

I want to thank you again for a great training experience. The instructor did a fantastic job of keeping the group focused, on task and having fun.

- Linda

The course was one of the best I’ve attended. It was well planned and your performance was top notch.

- Christian

I had a very good experience with the class and the classmates. The interaction was excellent and everyone in the class worked hard and stayed focused and interested. The instructor did an outstanding job teaching and facilitating the class. I really enjoyed the week. Thanks!

- Ted

I appreciate the tools and content you have given me to up the quality of content presented to my training groups.

- Mike

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There is no more important skill to the safety professional than the ability to discover and remedy hazards before they can injure workers. This is the purpose of the workplace safety auditor which consists of three primary tools: Hazard Analysis, Inspections, and Incident Investigation. The purpose of a workplace safety audit is to discover circumstances, situations, equipment, or materials that may harm a person. The objective is not simply regulatory compliance, and it is not just saving money, it is the avoidance of human injury. Regulatory compliance and monetary gain are collateral benefits, not the primary objective.

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NASP/IASP Consulting & Training Services

NASP/IASP Consultants and trainers constitute an extensive network of certified consultants and trainers that are highly regarded in the safety field worldwide. We have hundreds of consultants and trainers available through our membership as well as exceptional staff consultants and trainers. All NASP/IASP consultants and trainers are certified by NASP/IASP to ensure the highest level of proficiency available in the safety field.

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NASP is entering into new franchise agreements with safety training organizations outside of the United States. The NASP franchisee will be accredited to offer a classroom version of the CSM Course, as well as any of the Certificate of Achievement Courses and Specialist Courses.  NASP franchise partners will also be accredited to offer other safety related courses not usually offered by NASP, in their areas of expertise and approved by NASP, and receive certification for their students.

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