The Shelby Scholarships

The Shelby Scholarships are available to individuals who seek workplace safety training but cannot afford to pay the tuition, only if their employer will not pay the tuition. Those who wish to apply must demonstrate an inability to pay and a humanitarian purpose for attaining the training and/or certifications desired.

These scholarships are named in honor of five men and their families from Shelby, NC. These five men gave their lives in a major downtown fire in Shelby, NC. Their families suffered the terrible loss of their loved ones who rushed to the aid of others and never returned home.

  • The (Gas Dept. Employee) Max Bowling and family Scholarship pays 10% of course tuition.
  • The Firefighter Nathan Hall and family Scholarship pays 20% of course tuition.
  • The Firefighter Nick Sharts and family Scholarship pays 30% of course tuition.
  • The Lieutenant George Magness and family Scholarship pays 40% of course tuition.
  • The Lieutenant Gene Melton and family Scholarship pays 50% of course tuition.

To apply, you must fill out the Scholarship Application Form and email your request to [email protected].

The Gary Wilson Borders Scholarship
Gary Wilson Borders
1948 – 2012

Gary Wilson Borders was a United States Marine who served admirably for 26 months in Vietnam. After leaving active duty, he entered the fire service where he had an exemplary career as a Firefighter, Engineer, Company Officer, and Fire Marshal. Gary also served as adjunct faculty for NASP and Environmental & Safety Services, Inc. He was best known for his love and compassion for all people.

The Gary Wilson Borders Scholarship pays 100% of tuition. It is an exclusive scholarship awarded six times per year to qualified applicants. In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must be either a United States Marine (there are no former Marines), a Vietnam Veteran, or a member of the fire service (current or retired).

This scholarship is competitive and is awarded based on need. Application is by a narrative explanation of need. Successful applicants must not be eligible for applicable VA benefits or employer sponsored training.

To apply, you must fill out the Scholarship Application Form and email your request to [email protected].

NASP provides assistance to ministries and nonprofit agencies who otherwise could not afford tuition.

Not-for-profit corporations, ministries, and service organizations who cannot afford to pay the standard NASP tuition may apply for grants or scholarships.

NASP members and staff volunteer a limited number of work hours that are used to reduce the cost of NASP services to such organizations and NASP is occasionally able to absorb some of the expenses of providing these safety services.

If you represent such an organization and you desire to attend an NASP Certified Safety Manager Course, you may request a scholarship for up to 75% of the regular fees for the course.

Grants and Scholarships are granted on the basis of demonstrated need or, in some cases, by the desire of NASP to support the goals of the requesting organization. Priority is given to organizations whose primary purpose is to assist needy persons.

Feel free to e-mail or call NASP to discuss qualification for grants and/or scholarships. Send related e-mails to [email protected].


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