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Issuing and Requesting NASP Diplomas and Pocket Cards

Only those trainers holding the CSM or CSMC (Construction) are authorized to request and issue NASP diplomas and pocket cards to their students for any course in which their CSM or CSMC authorization allows or in which they hold an NASP technician level certificate, including those listed here.

Trainer reports are submitted by logging into the Client Area. If you are authorized to submit course reports, you will be provided access to a Trainer Area where you can submit new course reports. This will automatically request certificates and cards for students who have completed courses. If you log in and are not provided access to a Trainer Area, please contact us for assistance.

The diplomas and cards are printed by NASP with the heading of “National Association of Safety Professionals” and the NASP logo, unless the trainer requests an IASP certificate. Your students’ names, as well as the course name, are included on the certificate and card. The certificate includes your trainer certificate number and a blank for you to personally sign each student’s certificate.

Fee Structure for CSMs or CSMCs issuing NASP Certificates

NASP does not set tuition on individual courses taught by a Certified Safety Manager or Certified Safety Manager Construction. A CSM or CSMC may charge whatever tuition that his local market can support. However, if a CSM or CSMC wishes to issue NASP Certificates and Cards to his students, there will be a processing charge for each student taking each course based on a standard flat fee.

The fee structure is as follows and does not include shipping and handling:


** If a NASP instructor wishes to teach advanced-level courses (i.e., Specialist and Certificate of Achievement Courses), they may request partnership status. **

NASP 10 and 30 Hour General Industry and Construction Recommended Course Itinerary:

The NASP 10 and 30 hour General Industry and Construction Courses should follow a similar format as those of OTI. A CSM may teach 10-Hour and 30-Hour General Industry Courses, and a CSMC may teach 10-Hour and 30-Hour Construction Courses. You may substitute other OSHA related topics that are not listed in the “elective” section which may be applicable to your facility. Click on the below links to review the itinerary for each course.

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