Silica Dust Specialist (SDS)

It is extremely common for workers in the construction industry to come in contact with silica dust. This dust can be created by methods ranging from drilling to grinding rocks, concrete, mortar and stones. Each particle of silica dust is so small that it can easily be inhaled, leading to serious medical conditions. To keep work environments safe, it's important to understand how to prevent exposure and properly perform tasks that involve silica dust.
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Silica Dust Specialist (SDS) Course Details:

The Silica Dust Specialist (SDS) course involves independent study. Through this intensive, in-depth course, you will learn about exposure to respirable crystalline silica, or silica dust. You’ll also learn all the necessary requirements to create a safe workplace.

You’ll go over key concepts including:

  • Control methods.
  • Exposure assessment.
  • Silica dust protection.

On average, it takes students eight hours to complete this course. Your time can vary based on your prior knowledge of workplace safety. Regardless, all students have up to six months to finish it.

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CEUs and Pricing

This silica dust exposure training course is 8 hours and 0.8 CEUs. The price is $195 or $155 for premium members.

Benefits of Silica Dust Control Training

Completing OSHA silica dust training will help you bring awareness and implement control methods to minimize silica dust risks in your workplace. You’ll be able to describe the exposure assessment requirements and understand the various record-keeping and medical requirements that need to be fulfilled if workers are exposed to silica dust.

Once you complete the course, you’ll gain the designation of Silica Dust Safety Specialist (SDS).

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Whether you’re interested in ongoing learning or maintaining compliance and credentials, this course offers a practical approach to workplace safety. The in-depth content, multimedia approach, resource library and support ensure you have everything you need to successfully complete the course and apply what you’ve learned to your work environment.

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