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Construction Safety Managers must handle many tasks related to construction projects. They plan and coordinate aspects of safety related to all building and worksite activities, so projects get done safely and effectively. They’re also in charge of complying with building codes, safety regulations and environmental requirements.

A construction safety manager must develop a site safety plan for every project, accounting for hazards unique to the project. They’re also in charge of providing safety training for construction workers. Instruction includes onboarding, refreshers, and on-site safety information tailored to each job.

The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) offers a safety course designed for construction safety managers, project managers, competent persons, or anyone overseeing safety at the job site. The coursework will help you learn safety skills and earn the certificate needed to be a competent site safety manager and trainer.

Certified Safety Manager: Construction Training Course

How Do You Become a Certified Construction Manager?

How Do You Become a Certified Construction Manager

Certified construction safety manager training starts with formal instruction. Most construction safety management positions ask for college education, with 76% of jobholders saying they needed a Bachelor’s degree. Occasionally, construction safety managers have received some college education and no degree. Some popular fields of study include construction management, occupational health and safety or engineering. Most employers expect five to seven years of related job experience. You can get the necessary on-the-job training at an entry-level construction position, where you’ll learn basic safety procedures.

Because of their focus on the health and safety of all workers, most employers look for several safety certificates. You must be competent in a broad range of construction-specific safety issues and certified to train employees following the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Becoming a NASP Certified Safety Manager of Construction (CSMC) can help.

To earn the designation as a NASP certified construction manager, you won’t need to meet any prerequisites. Still, most of our students rely on previous safety knowledge. We highly recommend having some prior exposure to these topics since we cover them in considerable depth.

Our safety training course will take approximately 40 hours to complete, depending on your knowledge of workplace safety. You’ll have up to six months to take the course. To pass the certified construction safety manager exam, you’ll need to score 80% on the final exam, with two chances to test.

How to Become a Certified Safety Manager in Construction

Topics Covered in Our Certified Safety Manager of Construction Training Course

Our certified construction safety manager online training covers a range of safety topics you might encounter in construction. All safety topics cover heavy equipment and project-related hazards. The subjects include:

  • Understanding Workplace Safety
  • Training Methodology
  • Chemical Safety and HAZCOM
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection
  • Scaffolding
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hand and Powered Tools
  • Crane Derrick Safety
  • Aerial Scissor Lift
  • Trenching and Excavation
  • Welding, Cutting and Brazing
  • Silica Dust
  • Concrete and Steel Erection Safety
  • Construction Violence

While many of the units have the same titles as those in our Certified Safety Manager coursework, these modules include construction-specific rules and examples.

Certified Safety Manager of Construction Course Objectives

This course’s learning objectives include:

  • Learn the primary, OSHA-mandated workplace safety topics.
  • Receive the tools and knowledge required of a safety expert or construction manager.
  • Discover methodologies you can use to train employees effectively and transform the way they treat safety in the workplace.
  • Develop your own safety management programs that can save your company money.
  • Avoid civil and criminal liability for workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Interpret and apply OSHA regulations correctly.
  • Document and analyze workplace hazards.
  • Manage workplace safety inspections and audits.
  • Document, investigate and analyze workplace accidents and conduct a root cause analysis.
  • Establish and encourage a successful safety culture using proven behavior modification techniques.

CSMC Certificate Course

Why Certified Safety Manager of Construction Training Is Important

In 2018, one in five worker deaths happened in the construction industry. It has a higher fatality rate than any other industry, and OSHA even recognizes a “fatal four” of construction incidents. Falls cause 33.5% of all construction fatalities, followed by being struck by an object at about 11.1%. Electrocutions are next, at 8.5%, while being caught in or between equipment or objects causes 5.5%. If you’re in the construction industry, these hazards surround you and your employees every day.

The good news is that accidents are preventable. That is why we need comprehensive solutions to keep our construction workers safe.

NASP’s certified construction manager course in safety goes beyond OSHA requirements so you can do more than follow the rules. We deliver crucial information in an engaging, jargon-free format. With our training, you’ll learn new skills and retain them to create a lasting workplace safety culture and prevent or eliminate injuries. You’ll learn through a combination of video content, activities, review games and expert resources. Our dynamic training will help you focus on the content and store new information in your long-term memory.

By gaining this designation through a body that also provides extensive training, you’ll feel more assured of your abilities. We’ll supplement your job experience, so you can confidently handle complex or unfamiliar safety issues.

We also teach behavior-based safety and proven techniques to help you train others. Rather than laying out OSHA regulations and describing standard procedures, we empower you to be a safety expert and resource for your company. We help you dig deeper and provide the most valuable training for your entire workplace.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Safety Manager for Construction

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Safety Manager for Construction

Becoming a certified construction safety manager shows employers, potential employers, government agencies and courts that you have the capabilities needed in your field. It proves you have a level of skill necessary to work without supervision and manage safety policies, programs and procedures specific to the construction industry.

Through our construction safety manager certificate, you can gain many advantages, including:

1. Career Development

Many, if not most, construction management positions require or prefer safety certificates. Employers who have never worked with you or HR departments that don’t know what it takes to manage safety often rely on certificates as proof of your knowledge and skills. When applying to become a construction manager, you’ll stand out with the CSMC designation.

If you want to climb to the rank of construction safety manager at your company, a certificate of completion shows you’re prepared to take the next step.

2. Third-Party Verification

OSHA often looks for certificates to verify competency as a trainer. They usually want proof that you have full comprehension of construction safety regulations. Our training covers all OSHA-required safety topics and often delves even deeper. Our thorough exams prove you’ve learned those rules well enough to impart them to others.

In injury lawsuits, courts often look to a company representative to learn if the business can be held liable. In construction, that duty will fall on a construction safety manager or site safety manager. A third-party certificate may help you qualify as an expert witness, depending on the court’s judgment. As an expert witness, your testimony will have more authority. You’ll be able to prove if your company took the necessary steps to reduce risks and protect workers.

3. Continuing Education

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has accredited NASP to award Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Our Certified Safety Manager for Construction course is worth four CEUs. Professional development can help you maintain credentials and show your commitment to improvement. By refreshing your knowledge and skills as you progress in your career, you demonstrate your commitment to today’s best practices. It can also give you an edge in promotions and salary increases.

4. The Ability to Train Employees

With the NASP Certified Safety Manager of Construction designation, you earn the ability to conduct many NASP construction safety employee training courses. You’re also authorized to issue NASP certificates and pocket cards as proof of each employee’s completion of required safety training.

Visit NASP’s trainer resource center to learn more about the courses a CSMC is authorized to teach.

Learn and Certify With NASP

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive safety course geared towards Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professionals in construction. As a safety officer in one of the most hazard-prone industries, you need proven safety procedures and training techniques aligned with OSHA standards. You also need the confidence and knowledge to lead your company to safer practices and create a safe work culture for your team. NASP can help you gain all this with our Certified Safety Manager for Construction training and certificate of completion.

Sign up for our Certified Safety Manager for Construction training today.

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