NASP, A Veriforce Hub Partner

At the National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP), our mission is to provide the environmental, health, and safety professional community with the most interactive, engaging, and effective training and certification experience possible.

NASP is here to help you upskill your safety and training abilities! Our courses are designed to improve your knowledge of workplace safety and make you a more confident trainer. Not only will you learn instructional skills, boost your confidence, and become more engaging in your classes, but you’ll also improve your knowledge of the safety topics most important to protecting your employees.

As a Veriforce Member, you have exclusive access to discounts across our entire training platform! Be sure to use the coupon codes on the Veriforce Hub for maximum savings. In the Hub, you’ll receive discounts on the following:

Earn A Certification!

Want to push your career opportunities even further? NASP is accepting applications for our Certified Safety Director (CSD) and Master Safety Professional (MSP) exams! Our inclusive degree tracks provide paths to meaningful, high-level certifications with as little as a High School Diploma, relevant work experience, and a qualifying credential. Take control of your career today!

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