Knowledge and Skills Committee

John Rawlings – Knowledge and Skills Committee Chair

Mr. John Rawlings has served in safety over the past 13 years after retiring from the Army as an Infantry Officer. He has had the privilege of being able to work globally on a myriad of projects throughout his safety journey from high rise construction, pharmaceutical labs and clinics, hospitals, schools, theme parks, fuel depots, and environmental sites. John holds five BCSP credentials (Certified Safety Professional, Construction Health and Safety Technician, Safety Trained Supervisor, Safety Management Specialist, and Certified Environmental Trainer) and the Licensed Safety Professional and Master Safety Professional credentials from NASP.

Brian Fuller – Knowledge and Skills Committee Vice Chair

Mr. Brian Fuller holds the position of Director of Safety and Health at KGPCo, and he has over 15 years’ experience in the Environmental Health and Safety field with expertise in telecommunications, construction, commercial diving, and crane industries. Brian is a Master Safety Professional and holds many other safety certifications such as Certified Safety Director, Certified Occupational Safety Specialist, Certified Safety Manager Trainer, Certified Chemical Safety Technician, Certified Rigging/Signaling Instructor, Certified Environmental Health and Safety Management Specialist, and Hazard Analysis Technician.  Brian was honored with the title of Corporate Trainer of the Year by Crane and Rigging Hotline Magazine in October 2012.

Dr. Barbara Jean Jacobs, Ph.D., LSP

Dr. Barbara Jean Jacobs has been working in the safety field for 31 years for consultant firms and the Virginia Department of Transportation. She has served in multiple positions within the industry from construction inspector to contract administrator, currently working as a Corporate Safety Officer with Division of Century Engineering Inc. Barbara holds a PhD and MBA in Business Administration, and she is a Licensed Safety Professional with NASP. Her other professional certifications include Certified Work Zone Safety Trainer, Flagger, HazMat Refresher, Nuclear Gauge Safety, OSHA 30 Hour, and VDOT Site Manager Instructor.

Anthony Annibale

Mr. Anthony Annibale is an Authorized Instructor for OSHA Outreach and other construction and general industries courses, and he is a member of NASP and the US Department of Labor. He boasts over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, bringing valuable expertise to safety oversight and consulting. Anthony currently serves as a Safety Consultant with NCDPS’s Inmate Construction program, where he manages and administers safety programs for North Carolina’s largest state government agency. He is certified as a Certified Safety Manager, Licensed Safety Professional, Master Safety Professional, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Course Instructor, and Qualified Forklift Trainer.

Hollis Grady Jr.

Mr. Hollis Grady Jr. is an Environmental Health and Safety Manager, safety consultant, and founder of Genesis Safety Support Management. Hollis retired from the U.S. Army after 24 distinguished years of service, where he was promoted to different management and safety positions. Over the last two decades, he has continued to utilize his valuable experience in the private and public sector, currently working as the Senior Auditor for EHS Global Assurance.

His military and civilian certifications abound and include Certified Occupational Safety Specialist, Certified Internal Auditor, OSHA 500 and 501 STS, FEMA Emergency Management Program Development, Compliance Safety and Health Officer, and the comprehensive Certified Safety Manager with NASP.

Byron R. Andres

Mr. Byron R. Andres is a professional construction and safety manager with over forty years’ experience for global engineering construction companies, including major projects for the U.S. Department of Energy. With a BS in Construction Management, he also is a Licensed Safety Professional with NASP, holding certifications such as Construction Health & Safety Technician, Safety Training Supervisor, Safety Manager/Trainer, HAZWOPER Certified, OSHA 500, and Qualified Rigging Trainer. Byron currently serves as a Safety Manager with Envirocon, where he lives and works by his motto to “Be Safe to Live – Live to be Safe.”

Robert Russell

Mr. Robert (Bob) Russell MSP, (Master Safety Professional), grew up in Douglas, Wyoming. Bob studied engineering at the University of Wyoming for two years. He started his safety career as a floor hand on a workover rig in 1977 and worked there for 12 years, eventually working his way to operation manager. Bob expanded his safety and environmental career by moving to the construction industry for 18 years. He returned to the oil and gas industry developing and managing Safety and Environmental programs for various major operators both upstream and downstream. He has over 25 years in the industry and too many certifications to name. Bob has served on numerous committees, including Wyoming Oil and Gas Association and Wyoming Oil and Gas OSHA Alliance. He is currently consulting in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and North Dakota while providing training services to the area. He lives on the family ranch, and his hobbies include raising miniature cows, Harleys, and snowmobiling with his sons.


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