Certified Environmental Manager (CEM)

A certified environmental manager often works for environmental management firms, government agencies and large corporations. A CEM’s daily tasks may include developing strategies for managing hazardous waste and implementing plans for reducing a client’s pollution emissions.

As a certified environmental compliance manager, you may be responsible for ensuring your organization complies with federal and state environmental laws and overseeing staff members tasked with completing environmental remediation projects. Working in both outdoor and office surroundings should feel comfortable to you. If you are interested in a career in environmental management, consider taking our Certified Environmental Manager certificate course.

What Is a Certified Environmental Manager?

The environmental manager certificate indicates that you possess the abilities, skills and knowledge equivalent to the level of competence expected of professionals capable of working with little to no supervision while managing the environmental procedures, policies and programs common to industry and business.

The Certified Environmental Manager course provides students with the tools necessary for implementing a successful environmental program and proper compliance. From our training, you will learn the following:

  • How you can manage hazardous waste.
  • How you can interpret and understand the EPA regulations.
  • How you can comply better with the EPA regulations.
  • How you can minimize criminal and civil liability.
  • How you can remediate contaminated water or soil.
  • How you can investigate a hazardous substance’s release or possible release.
  • How you can establish a workplace free of environmentally recognized hazards common to governmental, industry and construction agencies.

On average, the time for completing this course is about 40 hours. You’ll have up to six months to complete the course.

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What Topics Does the Certified Environmental Manager Course Cover?

You can expect your Certified Environmental Manager course to cover the following topics:

  • Risk management
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Environmental law and policy
  • Technologies of environmental management
  • Energy and environmental economics
  • The different kinds of hazardous waste, according to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Information about the Clean Air Act
  • The management and regulatory issues relevant to stormwater discharges
  • Essential environmental regulations and laws, including any recent updates
  • Compliance and implementation management systems for hazardous waste
  • The requirements of your organization’s spill prevention, control and countermeasure plan
  • The various features of the Clean Water Act and how to use these in the workplace
  • The intention of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, along with the details of this regulation

Though obtaining a certificate is not typically a requirement for getting hired as a certified environmental manager, doing so can demonstrate your commitment to the position to potential employers.

Certified Environmental Manager Course Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of our Certified Environmental Manager certificate course include:

  • The practices and requirements for maintaining clean air.
  • The practices and requirements for maintaining clean water.
  • The necessary chemical concepts and terms for understanding the hazardous chemicals you may come into contact with.
  • An understanding of safety data sheets and the labels for the dangerous materials and chemicals that may be in a facility.
  • An overview of the required procedures, policies, programs and plans related to the environment.
  • An overview of spill prevention and planning.
  • The limitations and proper use of the guide to the DOT Emergency Response.
  • An understanding of what constitutes hazardous waste and the safe disposal, storage and handling of these hazwastes in a facility.
  • An audit of your organization’s current environmental management or safety system to determine whether these systems comply with many standards, such as I2P2, VPP, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ANSI Z10.

Benefits of Our Certified Environmental Manager Course

When you choose our Certified Environmental Manager course at National Association of Safety Professionals, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Learn how to reduce environmental incidents.
  • Learn how to improve your organization’s reputation.
  • Understand how to implement environmental management, as it is a requirement for many organizations and a marketing advantage.
  • Learn how to increase profits from lower costs.
  • Know how to attract more investors, shareholders and customers.
  • Learn how to create a motivated, focused and knowledgeable workforce.
  • Learn how to reduce waste, including utility waste, waste disposal costs and raw materials.
  • Understand how to improve regulatory performance and lower the risk of fines for being non-compliant with environmental legislation.

Regardless of the economic climate, there will always be local and global government environmental agendas. Large and small companies alike should take this subject seriously, and the earlier organizations take steps to handle environmental concerns, the better.

Online Exam, Certificate and Renewed Certificate for Certified Environmental Manager Designation

At National Association of Safety Professionals, we offer online exams, certificates and renewed certificates.

  • Certificates: Certified Environmental Manager
  • Online exams: For this course, a student will complete a comprehensive online exam. To receive a certificate, you need to score at least 80%. You will have two opportunities to take and pass the online exams.
  • Renewed certificates: Every three years, you’ll need to take a refresher exam and course. The renewed certificate cost is $395.

We also have a non-discrimination policy. At NASP, we aim to create and maintain a learning and work environment free of any form of discrimination.

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From NASP, you can receive online training, classroom training, site-specific training and professional certificates, as well as an array of environmental and safety consulting services. With our training style, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Training focuses on methodologies for dynamic and interactive learning to ensure knowledge retention and stimulate student interaction. Our courses are available for construction, governmental agencies, general industry and oil and gas. Purchase our Certified Environmental Manager course today from NASP.

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