Big news is dropping from NASP’s corner! Our YouTube just leveled up with some killer new content that’s all about pushing the safety game forward. Here’s what you might have missed on our channel.


Next-Level Series
From “Safety Professionals React to Workplace Safety in Movies” to our ongoing “Historical Safety Failures,” NASP continues to provide interesting topics for Workplace Safety people.


Educational Content
You may have already seen our video on “Chemical Terms and Concepts,” but did you know that NASP has tons of educational videos that make great additions to your training or serve as a useful way to get the base-level knowledge you need for different topics? Confined space entryToxicology in the workplace, and Hazard communication are just a few of the topics we cover on our channel.

The World of Safety
NASP has interviews with top safety professionals on a variety of topics, as well as safety news updatesProduct Spotlights, and Special Promotions for NASP customers. Stay in the know here.

Maybe you just want to take a break at work, and you want your boss to think you’re doing some important safety research. If that sounds like you on a Friday afternoon, then check out our “Looking for Safety” videos. Here, we take a look at classic films and pick apart their epic workplace safety failures. You’re sure to find something to keep you entertained on the “Fun Side of NASP” playlist.

We’re here to flip the script on workplace safety, making it something you’ll want to dive into. Hit subscribe and stay on the frontline of what’s fresh, informative, and totally transformative in the world of workplace safety.

Click here to dive into the new wave. Don’t just stay safe—stay entertained with the NASP YouTube Channel.

About the Author

Jon Knight

Jon Knight leads the NASP Team’s media creation department. He has been involved with workplace safety training since 2017 with a focus on course creation. He also provides video production and voiceovers for NASP content.
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