??Since Thanksgiving preparations are well underway for most of us, NASP thought it would be a good idea to share some Turkey Frying Safety Tips ??
  1. Cook out in the open. DO NOT FRY INSIDE!
  2. Drinking and Frying don’t mix
  3. Keep children away
  4. Watch the temperature like a hawk (not a turkey)
  5. Don’t not fill oil above fill line.
    1. The bigger the bird, the less oil you need
  6. Lower the Turkey VERY slowly
  7. Wear your PPE
  8. Use a long utensil when lowering your turkey to avoid the heat
  9. Keep the propane tank as far away from burner as possible
  10. In case of fire, shut off gas immediately
  11. If fire occurs, do NOT use water to put it out

About the Author

Jon Knight

Jon Knight leads the NASP Team’s media creation department. He has been involved with workplace safety training since 2017 with a focus on course creation. He also provides video production and voiceovers for NASP content.
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