OSHA is looking for help from the public as it considers an update to its powered industrial trucks standard.

The agency wants to update the standard – which went into effect in 1971 and was based on industry consensus standards from 1969 – to include new types of industrial trucks and to reflect any industry changes that may have taken place since the original standard was adopted.

There has only been one previous update to the standard, a 1998 final rule which updated provisions covering powered industrial truck operator training. This was a much-needed addition, as previously, operators were not required to perform practical, hands-on training on the piece of equipment.

Adopt Industry Standards

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have both updated their standards regarding powered industrial trucks multiple times since the adoption of the OSHA standard and the agency feels an update may be necessary, according to its Federal Register notice.

ANSI and NFPA standards list 19 different types of powered industrial trucks, while the OSHA standard currently lists only 11.

The agency also seeks to repeal, replace or modify any outdated, unnecessary or overly burdensome aspects of the current standard. OSHA is requesting information on:

  • The types, age and usage of powered industrial trucks
  • Maintenance and retrofitting
  • How to regulate older powered industrial trucks
  • Types of accidents and injuries associated with operating these machines
  • Costs and benefits of retrofitting the machines with safety features
  • Other components of a powered industrial truck safety program.

Comments must be submitted on or before June 10, 2019 and can be provided online.

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