National Safety Month is celebrated in June when people focus on how they can keep their environment safe and free from any danger. It is a time to reflect on the working conditions around the country and how we can create a safer environment for our employees.

What better way to improve our safety knowledge than focusing on the Top 10 most common OSHA violations? Although remarkable advancements are made in safety each year, the Top 10 remains mostly unchanged, reminding safety professionals that we must continue to reinforce the importance of staying vigilant regarding worker health and safety.

Are you ready to take your safety career to the next level and earn your Master Safety Professional (MSP) or Certified Safety Director (CSD) Certification? For National Safety Month, NASP is offering our CSD and MSP Prep Courses 50% off! These courses are a great way to prepare for your certification exam! Join the ranks of other practical safety professionals who have benefitted from these credential-building certifications. Act now; the offer expires June 30th, 2022. Use coupon code NSMCSD22 for the CSD and NSMMSP22 for the MSP.

*** Please note, that the CSD and MSP prep courses are optional and not required to sit for the CSD or MSP exams. The CSD and MSP application process includes a review of eligibility requirements to include academic requirements, safety experience, and a qualified credential. For more details on the CSD and MSP Certifications and application process, click here now.

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Jon Knight leads the NASP Team’s media creation department. He has been involved with workplace safety training since 2017 with a focus on course creation. He also provides video production and voiceovers for NASP content.
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