It turns out, that the days of piling into a large auditorium watching a PowerPoint, may be coming to an end. Studies have found that this form of ‘teaching’ isn’t very effective for students to absorb the information. In fact, a recent study completed on the student learning curve indicates that if you don’t reinforce what you learn, you forget 90% of it within 30 days.

Microlearning may be able to combat this problem. Microlearning is able to convey short, targeted training sessions in a manner that delivers key points to employees. This information can be presented on a regular basis to reinforce the information. The following three techniques, developed by neuroscientists, can aide in the delivery of training:

Spaced Repetition: Practicing a new topic repeatedly over increased periods of time to deepen memory

Retrieval Practice: Using questions to strengthen memory by forcing the brain to recall information

Confidence-based Assessment: Measuring an employee’s expressed confidence in a topic to improve memory and self-awareness

Technology can be a great tool in helping employees feel confident about topics they may be struggling to grasp. Online based micro-training can allow individuals to move at their own pace, and even allow learners to ‘go back’ and start from the beginning to review the information.

As an example, microlearning can be added into employee’s workday as they are waiting for certain tasks to be completed. If an employee was waiting for a forklift battery to charge, they could log into the learning management system and complete their required training within roughly ten minutes.

One company has implemented microlearning to enforce safety best practices and behaviors and has saw a decrease in recordable incident rate (RIR) within a year. They also experienced a decrease in lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR), with a workforce of over 20,000.

To reinforce this microlearning concept, NASP has launched a Basic Training Academy that offers over 60 courses that provide quick, easy to understand, safety practices and procedures. The NASP Basic Training Academy is outlined further in the article titled, “Attention!”.

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Pete Nemmers serves as NASP’s Director of Training Development, bringing a wealth of expertise to the organization. With a background rooted in safety and training, Pete plays a pivotal role in shaping the training programs offered by NASP. Pete ensures that NASP remains at the forefront of safety education, equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and excel in the dynamic field of safety.
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