It has been brought to our attention that previous international IASP trainers have been conducting classes and charging tuition to students while being suspended from the NASP/IASP Trainer program. These trainers have also been issuing fraudulent certificates.

In the most recent instance, Mansour Alzahrani out of Saudi Arabia issued fraudulent certificates for a 30-hour General Industry OSHA Compliance course dated 12/25/2022. This particular instructor is no longer authorized by NASP as an instructor and was barred after issuing fraudulent certificates in September 2022.

Unfortunately, due to international laws, we are limited in the action we can take. We assure you that we are actively working on resolving the issue.

Spotting a Fraudulent Certificate

In most instances, it is relatively easy to spot a fraudulent certificate. As shown in the most recent fraudulent certificate (pictured), the Course Title and Certificant’s Name are in irregular (non-matching) font scripts, as is the date in the lower right hand corner. Additionally, the trainer signature is missing.

When receiving a paper copy of the certificate, the recipient should also ensure that the certificate is printed on off-white certificate stock paper and that the NASP seal is affixed in the lower left-hand corner and is embossed rather than a scanned reproduction.

For international students, it is also more than likely that the issuing agency will appear as the International Association of Safety Professionals (IASP) with the appropriate logo, although it is not always the case.

If you have received a certificate that you believe to be non-authentic, please do not hesitate to send us an email with a picture of the certificate to [email protected].

About the Author

Eric Gislason

Eric Gislason is the CEO and Executive Director of NASP. He is also one of the principal trainers, specializing in OSHA compliance and development of workplace safety culture. Eric has over 33 years of experience in the EHS field, having trained individuals from across the spectrum on OSHA/EPA compliance including manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, warehousing, healthcare, and retail.
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