How Safety Certifications Can Boost Your Earning Potential

Earning a safety certification can benefit you in a variety of ways, qualifying you to implement practices that promote a safer company culture and increase productivity in the workplace. But can safety certifications offer you financial stability and boost your earning potential? In this guide, we’ll discuss the various ways safety certifications improve your career in general industry businesses and how safety certifications can advance your career.

Ways Safety Certifications Improve Your Career Financially

With the appropriate safety certifications, you can rival other job seekers and differentiate yourself as a more qualified safety professional. More than simply providing proof of your credibility as a safety professional, safety certifications represent your commitment to upholding professionalism and industry standards.

All these factors come together and make you a desirable addition to the organization, potentially granting you higher earnings. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can use safety certifications to improve your career’s earning potential.

Companies Value Professionals With Safety Certifications More

Companies view safety professionals as a great asset because they reduce health and safety risks, reduce company expenses, and make processes more efficient. Even so, companies value safety professionals with safety certifications more than those without because safety certifications establish you as a credible professional with the skills, knowledge, and improved capabilities that the company wishes to add to its team.

Employers are often willing to pay more for these professionals, causing them to increase their annual salary and offer bonuses to professionals with safety certification over those without the necessary certification. One report states that some professionals with safety certifications get paid up to $30,000 more annually than those without safety certifications.

One report states that some professionals with safety certifications get paid up to $30,000 more annually than those without safety certifications.

Exciting Career Advancement Opportunities

Some professionals prefer to obtain safety certifications for career advancement opportunities because they create a clear path for advancement. Safety certifications can offer you credibility that represents the more specialized knowledge you possess for particular procedures and projects, which are often best appreciated in higher management positions. This lets you reap the long-term financial benefits of advancements to various positions and career stability.

An example of career advancement with safety certifications includes starting as a safety specialist and then moving to positions like safety manager or a high-level director.

Competitive Salary Opportunities

Safety certifications give you a competitive advantage in the job market. For example, if an employer had to choose between two candidates with similar qualifications, they’re more likely to select the candidate with safety certifications. With safety qualifications, you may receive various job and salary offers, allowing you to negotiate with recruiters for a more desirable salary.

There is also a larger demand for qualified safety professionals, making professionals with safety qualifications more popular among the competition. You also gain the freedom to choose an offer that has the most appealing wages and benefits.

Increased Visibility

Another factor that influences the boost in earning potential is the increased visibility of safety certifications on job portals. When employers post job openings on job boards, they already have an idea of what they are looking for. After receiving applications, recruiters or employers will use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to filter through the results with a selection of keywords.

They often use keywords like “professionals with safety certifications” or similar to find those in-demand applicants, so having the certification on your resume lets you appear in those search results.

More Job Opportunities

One of the biggest financial benefits of safety certifications is that they open up various job opportunities. According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17,200 job positions for health and safety professionals are available each year.

While you may choose to pursue full-time or part-time positions, you can also go into freelancing as a safety professional. This lets you help various companies and boosts your earning potential. Having a safety certification will further increase your chances of being chosen over other professionals.

Which Certifications Can Boost Your Earning Potential?

There are various safety certifications you can earn to maximize your earning potential as a safety professional, depending on your level of expertise, industry, and occupation. Two beneficial certification exams you can sit for include Certified Safety Director (CSD) and Master Safety Professional (MSP). Both provide you with the credibility to maintain safety compliance and build a safe and secure work environment.

The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) provides opportunities to sit for CSD and MSP exams when you meet the correct requirements. Here’s what you need to know about these safety certifications:

Certified Safety Director (CSD) and Master Safety Professional (MSP)

The safety certification for CSD is for professionals who want to use problem-solving skills to develop a strategy based on technical knowledge, experience, and evaluation of evidence. Professionals with these certifications have the skills necessary to provide valuable advice and direction with clear and simple language to ensure effective implementation of techniques. They can also work with little supervision while directing others.

safety certification for MSP qualifies you as a professional with the high-level strategic abilities needed to build and implement an in-depth facility-wide health and safety program. These professionals are often in a higher position than professionals with a certification for CSD because they work closely with policymakers and senior management to create the most effective safety programs.

Unlike other certifications, NASP’s accredited credentials have multiple eligibility tracks with educational requirements ranging from high school diplomas to bachelor’s degrees and beyond! Companies, government organizations and non-profits want to hire individuals with outstanding professionalism ethics and recognized certifications.

By taking these exams with NASP, you get to demonstrate your competency and dedication to upholding high safety standards through your comprehensive knowledge and then earn your certification for CSD and MSP.

If you want a higher earning potential and meet the eligibility requirements, you may get a worthwhile opportunity to skip the CSD exam and sit for the MSP exam first! Otherwise, if you qualify to sit for the CSD exam, this may be an equally beneficial choice for advancing in your career and improving your earning potential.

Boost Your Earning Potential With Safety Certifications From National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP)

Are you interested in reaping the financial benefits of safety certifications? NASP’s CSD and MSP certifications can enhance your credibility, helping you boost your earning potential. Contact the professionals at NASP today to earn your safety certification and maximize your income with the practical approach to workplace safety.

Boost Your Earning Potential With Safety Certifications From National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP)

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