NASP recently sent out a survey to safety professionals across the country asking for input on how the Coronavirus has impacted the profession and to gain insight on trends across all industries. In a short period of time, we produced hundreds of responses, and have analyzed the results for you, so that you may see how you compare with other professionals during these challenging times.


An overwhelming amount of responses, 84%, state that either the Coronavirus has not affected business operations at all, or that there have been minor drops in production. 12% of respondents have stated that production has completely stopped, and that a limited number of administrative staff continue to work from home. 4% of facilities have shut their doors completely.


Social distancing requirements have nearly put a halt to all in-person training. 70% of safety professionals stated that they have stopped conducting classroom training, 50% of whom moved to online training only, the remaining 20% have shut down training all together. An additional 20% state that classroom training is still being conducted while following social distancing guidelines with classroom sizes no larger than 10. The remaining respondents said there have been no effects to their training.

With training either being drastically modified, or cut altogether, training budgets have stayed relatively steady throughout the pandemic; only 18% of respondents said that their training budgets had been cut.


While many companies do not normally plan for pandemics, a majority of survey respondents, 72%, stated that their facility has done a good job at responding to the situation, but may have hit a few speed bumps along the way.

Even with exceptional amounts of preparedness, sourcing PPE has been a concern for many professionals. 14% of professionals have not been able to provide equipment as they can not source it, and an additional 66% have had difficulties keeping an adequate supply of PPE for their employees.

Didn’t get a chance to take our survey? There’s still time! We are keeping the survey open to grow our response pool. Click here to take the survey.

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