The 40 Hour Confined Space Entry & Rescue – Train-The-Trainer classroom course will be on June 7th-11th, 2021. This intense five-day course will feature tons of practical rescue scenarios, including using a 48-foot trailer with 27 different simulated rescue scenarios (both entry and non-entry). The first day of class will be a review of the standard, but the following three and a half days will be all rescue with a final exam on the last day of class. This is going to be highly hands-on, so be ready to break a sweat.

Confined Space Entry & Rescue Train-the-Trainer Topics Include:

  • Definition of Confined Space (three elements)
  • Examples & Assessment Procedures
  • Concept of Isolation (Lockout Tagout, blanking and blinding)
  • Hazardous Atmospheres (oxygen, flammables, toxic, dust)
  • Atmospheric Monitoring & Associated Equipment
  • Environmental Hazards & Engulfment Hazards
  • Confined Space Configurations
  • Elements of a Permit (issuance, use, restrictions, and record-keeping)
  • Entrant, Attendant, Supervisor, Rescue Service Members
  • Personal Protective Equipment (including use of SCBA)
  • Non-entry Rescue Equipment and Procedures (tripods and other extrication devices)
  • Vertical Entries (basic repelling systems)
  • Horizontal Entries (non-line of sight rescues)
  • Entry Equipment (winch/davit, mechanical advantage systems, others)

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Eric Gislason is the CEO and Executive Director of NASP. He is also one of the principal trainers, specializing in OSHA compliance and development of workplace safety culture. Eric has over 33 years of experience in the EHS field, having trained individuals from across the spectrum on OSHA/EPA compliance including manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, warehousing, healthcare, and retail.
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