Summer is almost over. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cooler, and the kids are heading back to school, but what about your education?

Right now, you can use the coupon code BTS2022 to take advantage of savings on NASP’s top-selling online courses. We’re offering 25% off for our 2022 “Back to School” sale. Here’s what you can save on right now!

Save on ALL of our industry-specific Certified Safety Manager (CSM) courses. Whether you’re working in healthcare, construction, or general industry, the CSM series of courses offers the foundation you need to effectively manage your safety culture. Find out more using the links below.

Certified Safety Manager (CSM)

Certified Safety Manager: Construction (CSMC)

Certified Safety Manager – Healthcare (CSMH)

If you already have your CSM or you’re looking for a higher level of training, check out the two higher-level courses offered by NASP. The Safety Director Certificate (SDC) provides an in-depth look at the standards safety professionals encounter each day and offers a solid foundation of knowledge for students to apply to the safety challenges they may face. The Safety Professional Certificate (SPC) is the highest certificate offered by NASP and includes a robust curriculum designed to enhance your knowledge in occupational safety and health. These courses will ensure that you possess a superior knowledge of workplace safety. They also make a great study guide to sit for the CSD or MSP Exams. Follow the links below to enroll.

Safety Director Certificate (SDC)

Safety Professional Certificate (SPC)

Finally, the Certified Environmental Manager (CEM) course will provide the tools necessary to implement proper environmental compliance and an effective environmental program. You will learn how to understand and interpret EPA regulations, how to better comply with these regulations, how to minimize civil and criminal liability, and how to create a workplace free from environmentally-recognized hazards that are common to industry, construction, and governmental agencies. Register below.

Certified Environmental Manager (CEM)

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