Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (HST): Train-The-Trainer

This course meets the ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017 standard and includes modules on the various applicable standards and is designed for individuals who are required to train others on the hazards of hydrogen sulfide exposure. OSHA states that a measure of the competence of an instructor is the successful completion of a train-the-trainer program with training specific to the topics they will teach.
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Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (HST): Train-The-Trainer Course Description

If you have workers in the oil or gas industry, waste treatment plants or other confined spaces, training them on the subject and safety of hydrogen sulfide is essential. This course, designed specifically for trainers, ensures you are OSHA-competent to teach others workplace safety when dealing with this highly toxic gas.

Through the Hydrogen Sulfide Safety (HST): Train-The-Trainer course, you’ll learn how to train others on how to locate and detect H2S as well as the hazards involved, proper protective equipment and escape methods.

This training program meets the ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017 standard and covers concepts ranging from some sources of exposure to the effects of H2S on the body.

Students will have up to six months to finish the course.

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  • Course CEUs and Pricing

    The H2S safety course is 13 hours and 1.3 CEUs. The price is $795 by default or $695 with a premium membership discount.

    To stay certified, students will need to take a refresher course and exam every three years, which costs $195.

  • Recertification

    A refresher course and exam will be required every three (3) years. The cost of this recertification is $195.

  • Non-discrimination Policy

    NASP is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free of all forms of discrimination.

  • Proprietary Interest Disclosure

    The instructor(s) has no financial interest in any course documents, products, tools, or instruments. View the full document here.

  • Suggested Use

    Individuals who are teaching on the hazards of hydrogen sulfide gas including those in the oil and gas industry, waste treatment plants and confined spaces.

  • Performance Outcomes

    The student will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to train on the dangers of hydrogen sulfide in the oil and gas industry, waste treatment plants or any other location where toxic levels of H2S can be found. He will be able to design and to prepare an H2S course and disseminate information for individuals potentially exposed to this dangerous gas. The individual will obtain a mastery of the chemical and toxicological effects of H2S as well as means for proper instrumentation, PPE and procedures for evacuation in the event of a release. The individual will also qualify to issue certificates of completion of students who have received their instruction.

Benefits of the Hydrogen Sulfide Safety: Train-The-Trainer Course

Following the completion of this course, students will possess the knowledge necessary to effectively instruct others on hydrogen sulfide safety. By thoroughly understanding both the chemical and toxicological effects of H2S, you’ll be ready to explain the dangers of this gas.

Additional benefits of this course include being able to:

  • Develop an H2S safety course.
  • Distribute information to those who may have been exposed to the gas.
  • Understand how to issue everything from proper procedures to PPE if there is a gas release.

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With hydrogen sulfide training meant for and designed by safety professionals, you’ll discover a practical approach to workplace safety. Throughout the training, you’ll engage with in-depth content, state-of-the-art video and comprehensive testing to ensure you understand, retain and are equipped to teach the content.

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