1. Dedicated to Your Company
  2. iOS App, Android App, or Wearable Device
  3. Completely private and secure; does not share data with authorities
  4. Does not upload data to 3rd parties, governments, or any national registry
  5. Does not track or notify your personal contacts
  6. Daily Wellness Questionnaires (optional)
  7. Hours of operation Configuration (optional)
  8. Automatic Alerts such as daily distancing breaches and flagged questionnaires
  9. Enterprise License Available
  10. Quick Implementation; No infrastructure required

Why try Pervidi now?

As we get back to work and economies re-open, the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks increases dramatically.  We expect a continuous need for Workplace Distancing Practices and Contact Tracing for the next foreseeable future.

Preparing for a workplace rollout of distancing measures is key to minimizing the potential future impact of COVID-19 outbreaks for your business.

What data is collected?

Only your Pervidi ID and Worker ID are collected, and who has come into contact with them, and nothing else.

Private: Only YOUR company has access to this information.  We do not access or collect any private information as this solution is only designed to improve your company’s health and safety.

Secure: Data is stored securely on the Cloud or on your Servers.

Credible: Our clients include NASA, Nestle, State of California, Dairy Farmers of Canada, ABB, Rio Tinto, and many others.

Cost Effective: Very cost effective, less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week, especially if you choose to use your own phones.  Our devices are not limited-use hardware.  They are working mobile devices that can be unlocked and used as phones or for other safety and inspection software.

Does not Require Continuous Internet Connectivity: We use store-and-forward technology that transmits data as you configure, i.e. continuously or when connected to a desired secure network.

If you are managing a Construction Site, Industrial Site, Manufacturing Facility, Oil Rig, Mine, Food Processing Plant, Warehouse, or any other facility that employs multiple workers – the Pervidi Physical Distancing Alerts App is a superb cost effective solution to improve work practices and mitigate risks.

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Pete Nemmers

Pete Nemmers serves as NASP’s Director of Training Development, bringing a wealth of expertise to the organization. With a background rooted in safety and training, Pete plays a pivotal role in shaping the training programs offered by NASP. Pete ensures that NASP remains at the forefront of safety education, equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and excel in the dynamic field of safety.
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