Safety Professional Certificate

Safety Professional Certificate

If you work in OHS, you know how important it is to be well-trained. A Safety Professional Certificate, or SPC, offers a credential for these professionals and a comprehensive education covering everything from safety audits to techniques for avoiding workplace violence. This kind of certificate is essential for OHS leaders and anyone looking to further their career in safety and health.

Our 25-course program and certificate allow professionals to demonstrate their skill with the highest training designation offered by the National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP). Regardless of industry, this certificate program is a great way to create a culture of safety and improve your understanding of safety and health, as well as attain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform as an effective safety professional.

What Is a Safety Professional Certificate?

The SPC offered by NASP is a detailed program that dives into various safety topics to help OHS professionals better achieve compliance with OSHA and improve safety throughout their organization. After completing the program, safety professionals are able to guide safe behavior throughout their company with authority and a strong background of knowledge.

These professionals might help their businesses to:

  • Conduct audits and inspections.
  • Investigate, analyze and document workplace incidents and root cause analyses.
  • Avoid civil and criminal liability for workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Manage hazardous materials.
  • Develop sound techniques for safe equipment operation and general workplace behaviors.
  • Determine appropriate application and interpretation of OSHA standards and regulations.
  • Create strong and effective training practices for safe workplace processes.
  • Model picture-perfect safety habits, behaviors and attitudes.
  • Understand and apply requirements for guidelines and regulations from OSHA, EPA, and DOT.

Who needs a Safety Professional Certificate? Anyone in charge of OHS work can benefit from the valuable information within an SPC. Each of the tasks listed above is best performed by a well-trained, third-party-certified experts in safety and health, making someone who’s earned the certificate a valuable asset to any commercial or industrial facility.

How to Earn a Safety Professional Certificate

Earning an SPC entails taking a comprehensive course covering different topics. Our standalone program meets the requirements for all certificates below it, such as those related to fire prevention and hazard communication, which function as building blocks for the course. The result is numerous abilities that directly relate to your daily on-site duties.

During the certificate program, you learn at your own pace, with six months to complete the program. Students finish this course in about 242 hours on average. To pass, you must earn at least an 80% on the final exams and can attempt each one twice. You’ll need to take a refresher course and exam every three years to maintain the certificate.

Benefits of a Safety Professional Certificate

An SPC offers many benefits for the certificate holder and the organization they work for. These benefits include:

  • OSHA compliance:More safety education means better adherence to OSHA regulations and fewer fines or noncompliance incidents. An SPC can provide the education necessary for meeting complicated regulations and understanding the complex jargon that goes with them. We’ll break down this jargon and go into detail on what it means for your workers. When evaluating a company, OSHA and other agencies tend to look at your certificates as support of your understanding of the regulations, so having it on your side looks much better to them.
  • Practical knowledge and skills: The information learned through an SPC can provide you with skills that have significant, real-world effects on the safety of your employees. You can enact life-saving practices that support everyone in your facility and improve peace of mind across the board. Plus, your employer will likely benefit from reduced costs due to workers’ compensation claims and downtime due to injury or equipment damage.
  • Career advancements: Completing this certificate program shows you’re capable of enacting some big changes in your organization, like company-wide initiatives and safety programs. It puts you in a position to lead and take on supervisor roles while preparing you for upper-level management work. A certificate provides a more standardized way for a hiring team to know right away you’re qualified for the job — and likely, a higher salary.
  • Professional development: An SPC shows you’re willing to go the extra mile and spend time on continuing education. You can both improve yourself and show your dedication to your team through the additional expertise and commitment to safety that comes with the certificate.
  • Training capabilities: One of the primary responsibilities of an OHS officer is to train other employees in effective safety practices and emergency procedures. Our SPC coursework provides extensive education on these topics so you’re in an excellent position to offer training that empowers employees.
  • Third-party verification: Verification from a trusted third-party organization tells others you’ve met objective standards of training. NASP is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and offers 24.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on successful completion of the course that may be applied towards other certification requirements such as those of the BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals).

Topics Covered in Our Safety Professional Certificate Course

Let’s talk about what you can do with a Safety Professional Certificate from NASP. It covers an exhaustive list of courses and their respective certificates, which include the following:

From fall protection and ergonomics to bloodborne pathogens and recordkeeping, SPC courses run the gamut. They’ll prepare you for a career in even the most complex and risky environments and give you the confidence to handle incidents appropriately and efficiently.

Purchase NASP's Safety Professional Certificate Course Online

Purchase NASP’s Safety Professional Certificate Course Online

Earning a Safety Professional Certificate takes dedication, but it’s one of the best things you can do for your career and your coworkers. You’ll learn about keeping people safe every day and ensuring compliance across the board. The certificate proves to others you know your stuff, especially when your training comes from the trusted educators at NASP.

Whether you’re looking to dive right in or you already have some experience, such as a Certified Safety Manager (CSM) or a Safety Director Certificate (SDC), we can help. All courses are available in our online portal and were created by safety professionals.

Sign up today to start your journey to attaining your NASP Safety Professional Certificate!

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