HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer Program

Course Overview

This state-of-the-art course covers, in great detail, the regulatory and training requirements of the Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response (29 CFR 1910.120) standard. OSHA states that a measure of the competence of an instructor is the successful completion of a train-the-trainer program with training and experience specific to the topics they will teach. Not only does the course review the various elements of the HAZWOPER standard, but there are also demonstrations as well as intensive hands-on practical simulations to meet the experiential requirements of the regulation. Students that complete this course will obtain the knowledge, experience, and abilities necessary to conduct impactful and cost-saving HAZMAT and HAZWOPER training for their employees or future clients.

Course Availability

NASP offers the HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer course in a classroom setting (instructor-led), and virtually on our Learning Management System. Click the buttons below to check our course calendar and schedule your training today!

Classroom Course

Online Course

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone involved in environmental cleanup or HAZMAT emergency response. This includes an Environmental or Safety Director or Manager, Emergency Responder, Incident Commander, Safety Trainer, Plant Manager, Production or Maintenance Manager, Public Works or Utilities Director, Fire Chief, Waste Site Supervisor, Waste Treatment Facilitator, Project Supervisor or TSD Facility Supervisor.

Course Composition

This 40-hour course is IACET-accredited and valued at 4.0 CEUs. The courses are also ANSI Z490.1/Z490.2 compliant. The online and classroom courses both follow the same topics, which include:

Category: Course Composition

Learn about training methodologies, the training of adults, instructional training guidelines, and how to build learning objectives

Category: Course Composition

Understand how regulatory agencies such as OSHA, EPA, and DOT interrelate through various regulations to protect workers, and the environment, from HAZMAT releases

Category: Course Composition

Discover chemistry and toxicology terms and concepts, labelling and SDS requirements, and the toxic effects of chemical exposure(s).

Category: Course Composition

Learn the requirements of various Safety & Health, Emergency Response, Medical Surveillance, Respirator, and Spill Containment programs so that you may strengthen, or create, your own internal programs

Category: Course Composition

Clarify the difference between spills that are incidental or require emergency response, how to conduct a hazard assessment, and how to measure hazards

Category: Course Composition

Understand the requirements involving both personal and site monitoring

Category: Course Composition

Acquire the knowledge to both recognize and prevent emergency response incidents at your facility, improve communications and security, and implement safe evacuation routes, procedures, and safe distances

Category: Course Composition

Learn about the purpose and prevention of decontamination, how to construct a decontamination plan, and what methods of decontamination to use

Category: Course Composition

Discover how to develop a strong PPE program and the selection, use, maintenance, and limitations of PPE commonly used during HAZMAT/HAZWOPER operations

Category: Course Composition

Understand the various requirements of medical surveillance programs for hazardous site workers and emergency responders to include occupational exposure, monitoring, examination, and risk factors

Category: Course Composition

Learn the methods used to mitigate hazards relating to fire and explosions, confined space entry, bloodborne pathogens, medical treatment and first aid, among various others

Category: Course Composition

Discover what it takes to control spills and leaks through drum plugging and patching, diking and diversion, and the incident command system

Student Materials

Students who attend this course will be provided with a wealth of material that will prepare them for their future training roles. Students will receive:

  • 2020 Emergency Response Guidebooks
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards
  • Sample Plans, Programs, Audits, and Checklists
  • Complimentary training videos
  • Customizable PowerPoints
  • Student Outlines, Handouts, and Tests to be used at your facility

Training Authorization

After successful completion of this course, students will be qualified to teach the following classes:

  • HAZMAT Emergency Response:
    • Awareness
    • Operations
    • Technician
    • Specialist
    • Incident Commander
    • Refresher
  • HAZWOPER General Site Worker:
    • 24 & 40 Hour
    • Supervisor
    • Refresher
  • HAZWOPER for TSD Facilities
  • Hazard Communication and GHS
  • DOT Hazmat Awareness
  • PPE and Respiratory Protection


I. HAZMAT Emergency Response

II. HAZWOPER Specialist Course

  • HAZWOPER Specialist (HZS) – This course combines the elements of the General Site Worker Supervisor and Incident Commander Courses for those who oversee hazardous waste sites during an emergency response scenario. Emphasis is on Site Safety and Health Plan and Contingency Plan requirements. The required amount of time to complete the course is dependent upon your knowledge of workplace safety. You have up to six months to complete the course. Price $395.00.

What Students Have Said...

The instruction was great, and it focused on the needs of our facilities. It was presented in terms I can relate to.

- Benjamin Pearson

Course material was excellent. Practical drills with suiting up was informative and educational. Would recommend to others.

- Anonymous student survey

Very awesome and professional class. Totally enjoyed the atmosphere and environment. Information provided was above and beyond. Great job.

- Kyle McConnell

One of the best trainings I’ve attended in my entire career.

- Fred Dyess

Great Source for training and information Eric is awesome and will go the extra mile for you. Thanks for all the years of your support in my Career and the support when I needed you each time I called you guys.

- Amos Wells

For someone who has been in the safety and security field for 19 years I find the information this organization provides to be highly effective and cost effective.

- Pamela Nery

What Students Have Said...

The instruction was great, and it focused on the needs of our facilities. It was presented in terms I can relate to.

- Benjamin Pearson
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