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The NASPCB relies on a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are qualified in the field of workplace safety to assist in the development and maintenance of the CSD and MSP examinations. The CSD and MSP examinations reflect the applicable and most current knowledge and skills that are required to keep people protected. The NASPCB follows testing industry best practices to ensure our examinations are valid, reliable, and legally defensible.
Exam development and maintenance activities are guided by a qualified Psychometrician.
To participate in Exam Development and Maintenance activities SMEs must have a minimum of six (6) years of professional safety experience (at least 50% of the current role is in safety), and must hold the CSM, SDC, or SPC certificate or hold the CSD or MSP certification. SMEs holding additional qualified credentials from the CSD or MSP eligibility tracks along with the above requirements aid in maintaining the impartiality of our examinations .
To safeguard our exams and to assure that the examinations are consistent with the corresponding body of knowledge necessary to achieve mastery in the field of workplace safety, the SMEs participate in the following activities:

Job and Task Analysis (JTA): SMEs specify the examination definition, identify examination domains, critical tasks, and the knowledge and skill statements (required for competent performance of the job role being credentialed) which is utilized to develop the draft examination blueprint. A JTA will be performed again during Revalidation Cycles to ensure the examination blueprint remains current.

Item Writing: SMEs develop, assess, validate, update, and format examination questions (items).

Standards/ Passing Score: SMEs establish and maintain performance standards and examination passing scores. SMEs review item performance and examination results to ensure scores reflect reliability and proficiency that are appropriate for the content and level of all examination activities.

The following groups comprise the NASPCB:

  • NASPCB Board of Advisors – Chairs and Vice Chairs of the NASPCB Committees
  • Knowledge and Skills Committee
  • Item Writing Committee
  • Examination Committee
  • Appeals/Complaints Committee

The NASPCB Outreach Committee assists in fostering awareness and recognition of the CSD and MSP certifications. They support the NASPCB by providing their personal and professional insight as a CSD and/or MSP on the advantages of holding an accredited safety certification. Additionally this committee celebrates those who have achieved the CSD and MSP certifications as well as other accredited certifications. Our Outreach Committee members uphold a positive and encouraging vision to those in the safety industry as well as those considering safety as a career.

If you are interested in participating in the NASPCB Exam Development and Maintenance as a Subject Matter Expert or volunteering on the NASPCB Board of Advisors or one of our committees, click here.

*In addition to the CSD and MSP certification exams, other exams are currently under consideration for development.


CSD and MSP Exam Development and Maintenance Process


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