Infectious Disease Prevention Awareness Training (IDP)

Infectious diseases can spread in several ways, with the most common being airborne transmission, direct contact and indirect contact. Because you are in close contact with others at work, infectious diseases like COVID-19 or the flu can spread easily. Being aware of methods like social distancing will protect personnel and keep your workplace safe.
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Infectious Disease Prevention Awareness Training Course Description

This Infectious Disease Prevention Awareness Training (IDP) is structured as an independent study course. Students will learn prevention strategies for controlling the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace. The comprehensive course covers everything from methods on how to reduce employee exposure to how to lower the transmission rates.

While the amount of time it takes to finish the course can vary, students will have up to six months to complete it.

How to Sign Up

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  • Course CEUs and Pricing

    This infectious diseases training course is 1 hour and 0.1 CEUs. The cost of the course is $39.95 by default, and tiered pricing is available for large companies:

    • Companies with 1-19 employees: $39.95/each
    • Companies with 20-49 employees: $35.95/each
    • Companies with 50-99 employees: $30.95/each
    • Companies with 100+: $25.95/each

    Please contact our sales team at 800-922-2219 for details.

  • Online Testing

    Students will need to take a refresher course and exam at the cost of $29 every three years to remain certified.

  • Recertification

    A refresher course and exam will be required every three (3) years. The cost of this recertification is $29.

  • Non-discrimination Policy

    NASP is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free of all forms of discrimination.

  • Proprietary Interest Disclosure

    The instructor(s) has no financial interest in any course documents, products, tools, or instruments. View the full document here.

Benefits of the Infectious Disease Prevention Awareness Training Course

Understanding how to prevent and control infectious diseases is key to keeping your workplace healthy and operating efficiently year-round. Through this course, you’ll learn how to understand important concepts like exposure, risks and precautions in the workplace.

By minimizing the potential of an infectious disease outbreak, your company will experience less downtime and fewer workflow interruptions due to employee illness.

Ready to Get Started?

Through this infectious diseases training, you’ll get to experience a practical approach to workplace safety. No matter your industry or goals, you’ll receive real-world training that will help keep your workplace safe and healthy. With dynamic, in-depth content, a resource library and customer support, you’ll be guided every step of the way.

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