The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) is undertaking revisions to its fall protection standards as part of its ongoing commitment to improve worker safety. This decision comes after receiving guidance from OSHA in May 2023, advising L&I to update its existing fall protection standard to align with federal regulations.

As per its official website, L&I has initiated an expedited process to revise chapter 296-880 WAC, which focuses on establishing consistent safety protocols for fall protection. The proposed modifications target specific areas such as “leading edge work, safety monitor system requirements, and roofing activities on low-pitched roofs.” These adjustments aim to ensure compliance with the state plan and enhance workplace safety.

Among the notable changes are clarifications to the definitions of fall restraint systems, modifications to construction work exemptions, and revisions to the requirements for warning line systems and safety monitor systems. For example, the updated language provides clear guidelines on the use of safety monitoring systems during roofing work on low-pitched roofs, simplifying procedures for creating safer work environments.

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