Significant increase in federal OSHA inspections in FY 2019

OSHA’s final fiscal year 2019 statistics show a significant increase in the number of inspections as well as a record amount of compliance assistance.

Federal OSHA conducted 33,401 inspections in 2019, a 4% increase over 2018’s numbers, and provided a record 1,392,611 workers with training on safety and health requirements through its education programs.

The fiscal 2019 numbers topped overall numbers for the previous three years, with OSHA conducting 32,023 inspections in 2018 and 32,408 in 2017.

Through its 2019 inspections, the agency addressed violations related to trenching, falls, chemical exposure, silica and numerous other hazards, according to OSHA.

Besides information on overall numbers, no other inspection statistics were released.

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