Safety Auditor Certificate: Managing Uncertainty within a Dynamic Workforce

This 3-day course provides an in-depth look at proper incident investigation procedures with emphasis on OSHA inspection priorities, Job Hazard Analysis, Risk Management best practices, and Incident Analysis techniques. The goal of this course is to help participants gain the skills necessary, through an effective incident investigation, to establish a Safety Management System and apply root cause analysis (RCA) to prevent injuries, property damage, and financial loss in your organization.

Safety Auditor Certificate Topics:

  • What to expect from an OSHA inspection as it pertains to proper incident investigation
  • Where incident investigations fall under a vibrant Safety Management System
  • How to investigate, analyze, and document workplace incidents
  • How to identify root causes using proven techniques (fishbone, 5-whys, Taproot, FMEA and others)
  • How to determine the best software for RCA at your facility
  • How to develop corrective actions for systemic causes
  • How to remove focus from generalization, opinion, and finger-pointing
  • How to write an investigation report and develop trend analysis

This course will provide the tools necessary to implement proper incident investigations, determine root cause analysis and apply corrective actions. Students will attain universal, valuable skills that will follow you… wherever your career leads. Click here to learn more about this new course and to register today!

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