Effective October 1, 2019, Region VII OSHA (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa) announced a combination of Regional Emphasis Programs, along with state-led local emphasis programs in the following industrial sectors:

1) Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia – a Regional Emphasis Program (REP) focus on injuries, illnesses, and fatalities related to workers’ exposures in fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate (FGAN) and agricultural anhydrous-ammonia mixing/blending, storage, and distribution facilities.

2) Construction Worksites

Construction Worksites – to continue the enforcement element of the REP to reduce injuries and deaths resulting from falls, scaffolds, and electrocutions from overhead power lines in the construction industry.

3) Forklifts and Powered Industrial Trucks

Forklifts and Powered Industrial Trucks – inspections of complaints and referrals received regarding powered industrial trucks and other material or personnel handling motorized equipment in construction, general industry, and maritime.

4) Grain Handling

Grain Handling – a continuation of a Kansas local emphasis program to conduct programmed inspections at grain handling facilities in the State of Kansas in an effort to reduce injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

5) High Hazard Industries

High Hazard Industries – inspections of general industry establishments in high hazard industries as identified by injury and illness rates, including the following: furniture manufacturing, meat packing, metalworking, concrete and concrete products, and poultry processing.

6) Meat Processing

Meat Processing – a Nebraska local emphasis program for animal slaughtering and processing facilities.

7) Oil and Gas Operations

Oil and Gas Operations – a Kansas local emphasis program for extraction and drilling activities for oil and gas.

8) Respiratory Hazards and Noise

Respiratory Hazards and Noise – a REP for general industry establishments in industries that commonly have noise and respiratory hazards.

A complete listing of all of OSHA’s Regional Emphasis Programs is available on the agency’s website.  Businesses and employers in any of the foregoing sectors in Region VII OSHA states (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa) will want to evaluate carefully the OSHA enforcement memoranda and ensure compliance with applicable OSHA General Industry and Construction Standards.

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