The requirement for workers to enter manholes and the risks associated with entry are not going away any time soon. The majority of manhole fall safety implements on the market today have proven to be more dangerous than not having one at all, especially when retrieving an incapacitated worker. Most manhole fall arrest systems have to be installed during the manhole construction or not at all. The Halo Safety Systems (HSS) team has solved these issues with the invention of the HSS SP04, SP05, and SP06.

The Halo Safety System is revolutionizing safety in confined space entry. While current fall arrest systems require installation during construction, the HSS can be installed in any preexisting manhole. The revolutionary trap door system on the HSS enables the retrieval of an incapacitated worker through multiple platforms. The platform is constructed with a non-corrosive stainless-steel frame supporting a fibergrate platform that allows for ventilation of fumes and gases and provides an unobstructed line of sight and line of pull from above and below. The horizontal deck also serves as a great work platform reducing fatigue by allowing workers a level place to stand comfortably while in the manhole.

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