First HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer of 2022 Heads to Houston

NASP’s industry-leading HAZWOPER Train-the-Trainer course is coming to Houston, TX on April 4th-8th, 2022, and will be our first HTTT of the year. It will cover in detail the regulatory and training requirements of the Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response (29 CFR 1910.120) standard. OSHA states that a measure of the competence of an instructor is the successful completion of a train-the-trainer program with training and experience specific to the topics they will teach. Not only does the course review the various elements of the HAZWOPER standard, but there are also demonstrations as well as “hands-on” practical simulations to meet the experiential requirements of the regulation.

From a recent participant, Marcus Simpson: “This is, by far, the best HAZMAT class I’ve ever taken and I’ve been in safety for over 25 years”. If you want to become a HAZMAT trainer, you don’t want to miss this amazing live class!

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