The thought of conducting an employee engagement assessment during the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic might sound a little farfetched but assessing employee engagement ‘when the chips are down’ may actually provide you with some of the most truthful responses.

One Forbes article, written by Mark Murphy, states that employee engagement surveys are not about popularity—they are about discovering the truth about what’s helping or hurting your employees’ commitment to their work. If you assess employee engagement during tough times (like a pandemic), Murphy says, you can get at the root of issues.

A recent study found that 26% of employees are motivated at their jobs but they are not happy or satisfied in doing them. While no one likes to have the tough conversations, they are beneficial in identifying issues giver employers the opportunity to fix them.

As Murphy explains further in his article, engagement assessments are not popularity contests or a measure of only good things. Take the opportunity to use this pandemic for something worthwhile and do your company a service by conducting an employee engagement assessment.

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