Appeals and Complaints

I. Appeal of Results

The Certification Board allows any candidate to provide feedback on the examination content and procedures about:

  • Technical accuracy of the examination
  • Fairness in the administration of the examination.

A candidate who has concerns regarding administrative procedures at testing or who has observed a breach of security or other improper conduct should submit a report in writing within 15 days after taking the examination.

A candidate who has a question or concern about the reliability, validity, or fairness of the examination may submit the question or concern in writing to the Certification Board no later than 30 days after taking the examination.

Upon submission of the necessary documentation for appeals, the Appeals Process as outlined in the Policy & Procedures Manual will begin.

Click here to fill out an Appeals form.

II. Complaints

When necessary, the Certification Board will convene an Appeals Panel that shall consist of up to three (3) qualified individuals appointed by the Board to consider complaints on denial of eligibility to sit for an examination and on allegations of violations of the Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest, or Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Policies of the Certification Board as they relate to both members of the Board or Committees and/or certificate holders.  The Panel will follow the procedures outlined in the attached pdf file below.

If you wish to file a complaint with the Board for any of the reasons specified above, please click here to fill out Complaint Form.

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