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Here's what some of our students had to say about our CSM class.

"I can only again thank you all at NASP for the knowledge, spirit, and intestinal fortitude for helping SEI achieve and maintain a 0.64 EMR."
Adam - Tampa, FL

"The class was awesome and thank you from the depth of my heart. I brought a lot back from the class which will greatly help to improve a culture of safety at my organization."
Adaku - Waukegan, IL

"It was an amazing experience taking your CSM course. I admire the instructor’s knowledge and facilitation tactics. NASP’s approach is "Class Act"."
Nick - LaGrange, IN

"The Emergency Management course was the very first course I took with NASP. I took in on-line and that is what I based my whole crisis management program on. It was an excellent course and I’m not one who normally enjoys on-line courses!"."
Kathleen - West Columbia, SC

"I think the class was a very informative 40 hours... JOB WELL DONE!"
Mike - ISI, Inc.

"Overall a great learning experience. The instructor did an excellent job of motivating and keeping the class focused."
Frank - Shirley, NY

"Great class, I learned a great deal in a wonderful classroom environment!"
Preston - Amorel, AR

"Thoroughly enjoyed the training... I will recommend that my supervisor attend this course."
Claire - Hanapepe, HI

"Very good course. I learned a lot about OSHA and other regulations. Good networking! I really have a better understanding of safety - thank you!"
Bert - Lancaster, CA

"Excellent program and trainer... definitely a learning experience and will be very helpful going back (to work)."
Jim - Marion, IL

"Awesome course!! Learned great 'tools' to take back to my employment and support me in my future with safety."
Clark - Las Vegas, NV

"I came in with limited knowledge and I'm leaving with a positive outlook. I've learned so much and appreciate everything associated with this class. Thank you!"
Joseph - Oklahoma City, OK

"The class was great. I will refer others to this class."
Raymond - Humble, TX

"The course was very educational, especially when training adults. The concept of andragogy was of great advantage and also presentation materials were excellent."
Ohuruogu - Riverts State, Nigeria

"Continue teaching in this manner. I have taken a lot of adult learning courses and am a Workforce Educator with a BS in Workforce Education, Training and Development and this has been by far the best offered/delivery method (I've) seen. Great job with Andragogy."
Jose - Albuquerque, NM

"Being my first out-of-plant safety training, I took a lot out of this course. The instructor's competence and knowledge really helped me have a better understanding of the material."
William - Jefferson, OH

"I appreciate the tools and content you have given me to up the quality of content presented to my training groups."

"I had a very good experience with the class and the classmates. The interaction was excellent and everyone in the class worked hard and stayed focused and interested. The instructor did an outstanding job teaching and facilitating the class. I really enjoyed the week. Thanks!"

"Thank you for the information and conducting an informative and fun class."
Sharon - IWG High Performance Conductors

"The course was one of the best I've attended. It was well planned and your performance was top notch."

"I want to thank you again for a great training experience. The instructor did a fantastic job of keeping the group focused, on task and having fun."

"Your organization gives our training efforts increased credibility and acceptance by those in business and industry. We are proud of and very happy with our partnership and look forward to continued activities together in the future."

"Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you again for putting on such a great course."

"I want to just say again how much I enjoyed the CSM class. The instructor did a great job, and I felt it was a great learning experience for me, and look forward to utilizing that "education" in a positive way with our Safety group."