NASP Certification Board – Master Safety Professional

An MSP is an individual with high-level specialist and strategic skills.  They are likely to be involved in the development and implementation of a comprehensive facility-wide or corporate safety and health program and are influential with senior management and policymakers.  Their perspective embraces the broader organizational and social context.

Candidates taking the MSP examination must meet one the required tracks of eligibility below:

For more information on the content of the examination for the MSP certification, click on Exam Blueprint.

MSP Examination Blueprint

Examination Preparation

As a current CSD certificant interested in earning your MSP or as an LSP certificant interested in becoming an MSP, the cost for the course materials and examination bundled is $295.

Application Form


You have the opportunity to take the online exam from the comfort of your home or office via live online proctoring. Another option is to take the exam at one of the numerous testing sites available to you. Click here to find the nearest testing center to you.

After completing the application and being approved to take the exam, applicants will receive official notification from the NASP Certification Board via email.  The notification will include instructions on how to proceed on the day of your examination. Applicants will also receive notification from the Certification Board’s testing contractor, Scantron, with details of when and where you can take the exam if choosing a Scantron site and location, or offering the option for live online proctoring at home or office.

Code of Ethics and Non-Disclosure Agreement