MSP Beta Certification Exam

We invite you to be one of the first 100 individuals to sit for our MSP beta exam! The beta exam will include new and revised exam questions to gather performance statistics for new examination forms. The exams will include 25 additional questions that will not affect your score. Thirty minutes of additional testing time is included to account for these questions. Here’s a quick snapshot of the differences between the traditional and beta MSP exams:


Traditional MSP Beta MSP
# of Questions 150 175
Time to Complete Exam 3 Hours 3.5 Hours
Testing Options • Kryterion Testing Site (U.S & Canada)
• Online Proctored Exam (OLP)
• Kryterion Testing Site (U.S and Canada)
• Online Proctored Exam (OLP)
Application Fee $95 $95
Exam Fee $650 $195
# of Attempts 2 1
Recertification Fee $350 $350


Once the beta exam testing window has closed and the results have been compiled, the statistical performance of each question will be analyzed to determine if the item should be included in the new version of the exam. Due to the additional time necessary to complete this analysis, candidates will experience a delay in receiving their examination results. Individuals who pass the exam will receive their certification just as those who have taken the traditional exam.

*Please note the final date the results will be released is to be determined.

Exam Eligibility

To receive eligibility to take the MSP Beta exam or Standard MSP examination, applicants must meet one of the tracks to include education, credentials, and experience, as indicated on the MSP Eligibility Track below:

NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Program

MSP Eligibility Track

You Must Meet One of the Tracks to Include Education and Professional Safety Experience.

You Must Hold One Qualified Credential. 

50% of Your Current Role Must Be in Safety.

Are you interested in sitting for the MSP beta exam, but you are missing a qualified credential? Scroll down to the Qualifying Credentials header to learn more.

Exam Application

MSP beta exam applications must be submitted and approved for eligibility no later than February 28, 2023. The exam must be scheduled during the testing window of April 1 – May 15, 2023.

During the application process, you must select whether you wish to take the exam at a testing site (U.S. & Canada only) or through Online Proctoring (OLP).

After completing the application, applicants will receive official notification from the NASP Certification Board via email within 7-10 business days. The notification will include instructions on eligibility status. Upon being approved to take the exam, Candidates will receive notification from the NASP Certification Board via email, with MSP Beta Exam purchase options. After purchase, Candidates will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) email within 2 to 3 business days with instructions on scheduling the exam.


Create an account to begin your application in the NASP Student Portal if you do not already have an LMS account.

For A Complete Guide to Certification, click here.



  • About the Master Safety Professional (MSP)

    An MSP is an individual with high-level specialist and strategic skills. They are likely to be involved in the development and implementation of a comprehensive facility-wide or corporate safety and health program and are influential with senior management and policymakers. Their perspective embraces the broader organizational and social context.

    Earning the MSP certification requires individuals to meet specified eligibility requirements, pass a rigorous exam, meet the recertification requirements, and uphold the Certificant’s Code of Ethics and Professional Standards Agreement, Candidate’s Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement, and Criminal Conviction and Unethical Behavior Agreement as set forth by the NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Board.

  • Accreditation and Recognition

    The Master Safety Professional (MSP)® credential is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). This certification is accredited under the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard for personnel certification programs.

  • Examination Blueprints

    For more information on the content of the examination for the MSP certification, click on Exam Blueprint. The MSP Beta exam will align with the MSP Examination Blueprint.

  • Recertification Requirements

    To maintain the professional competence of workplace safety professionals beyond their initial Certification, a recertification process is necessary. MSP Certificants must continue to demonstrate competency to maintain their Certification.

    Certificants must show evidence of competence through professional development, activities, and successful completion of the appropriate courses through obtaining Continuing Educational Units (CEUs).

    Master Safety Professional (MSP) Recertification Requirements

  • Master Safety Professional (MSP) Beta Exam Fees

    • Application Fee $95
    • Beta Exam Fee (Includes 1 Exam Attempt) $195
    • Recertification Fee (every 3 years) $350
    • For a comprehensive Master Safety Professional (MSP) pricing list, click here.
  • Exam Prep (Study Guides)

    The Master Safety Professional (MSP) Prep Course addresses the knowledge, skills, and abilities found in NASP’s MSP Certification examination blueprints. This program is comprised of 21 major topics identified as vital by industry professionals and our Certification Board.

    This course is designed to prepare the learner for the successful completion of the MSP exam while simultaneously teaching the essentials necessary for the health and safety professionals of today. This course provides a learning experience that includes a downloadable PDF, interactive and informative training modules, 10 practice questions per module, a 105-question preparatory final exam, and more!

    ***NASP/IASP, Inc. offers the Master Safety Professional (MSP) Preparation Course as an option to prepare for the MSP Certification. The Master Safety Professional (MSP) Prep Course is an optional course and is not a requirement to sit for the MSP Exam. A Prep Course is not intended to guarantee that a candidate will pass the MSP exam or become certified.

    Course Cost: $595

    The MSP Prep Course is available immediately for purchase through the NASP Student Portal. Click here to log in or create an account if you don’t have one.

  • Qualifying Credentials

    The following three courses offered by NASP are options that you may take to meet the qualifying credential portion of the MSP eligibility track. You may also seek non-NASP qualifying credentials from their respective organizations.

    Safety Professional Certificate (SPC)

    An SPC is an individual with high-level specialist and strategic skills. They are likely to be involved in the development and implementation of a comprehensive facility-wide or corporate safety and health program and are influential with senior management and policymakers. Their perspective embraces the broader organizational and social context.

    Safety Professional Certificate (SPC) Course

    Safety Director Certificate (SDC)

    An SDC is involved in problem solving and application of strategy; their advice is based on conceptual and technical knowledge mediated by training and experience, analysis of evidence and critical thought. They understand how to use and access the evidence base and value professional collaboration. They are capable of working with minimal supervision and usually give direction to others.

    Safety Director Certificate (SDC) Course

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