Healthcare Industry Safety Designations

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40 hours
Certified Safety Manager - Healthcare (CSMH)


40 hours
This Safety Manager Certificate is an indication to employers, potential employers, regulatory agencies, and the courts that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities equivalent to a level of proficiency expected of a professional who is capable of working with little or no supervision while managing the safety programs, policies, and procedures common to the healthcare industry.
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Workplace health and safety are serious matters in today’s healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and other medical facility staff work around numerous biological and chemical hazards. Organizations in the healthcare industry reported a 40% increase in injury and illness cases in 2020. As a safety professional, you can assert your value by furthering your understanding of the risks medical industry workers face and how to mitigate them.

The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) offers safety training for the healthcare industry through our online learning management system (LMS). Our courses cater to experienced safety professionals with goals of furthering their careers and staying up to date with the latest standards. Register for environmental health and safety (EHS) training for healthcare industry safety managers.

NASP’s Certified Safety Manager — Healthcare (CSMH) Course

NASP’s safety courses for the healthcare industry consist of virtual modules that address the newest and most relevant EHS topics. We design our in-depth courses to heighten your understanding of the hazards, regulations, and safety tactics that drive EHS efforts in the healthcare industry. You’ll engage with a rich assortment of graphics, videos, activities, and examinations through roughly 40 hours of training in a maximum window of six months.

Complete the CSMH course to earn a Safety Manager certificate for the healthcare industry. Our lessons will teach you new ways to facilitate a safe, compliant workplace with little or no supervision.

Our CSMH program covers the following healthcare EHS topics and more:

– Sanitation

– Infectious diseases and agents

– Bloodborne pathogens

– Personal protective equipment (PPE)

– Fire hazards

– Ergonomics

– Fall protection

– Violence management

Benefits of Safety Training in the Healthcare Industry

NASP’s virtual CSMH course will expand your understanding of essential EHS topics and trends. The information you learn will prove valuable as you oversee healthcare workers, contribute to your organization’s mission and strive to achieve your career goals.

Pursue healthcare industry safety training to:

– Recognize hazards: Refresh and expand your understanding of healthcare industry hazards and pass your knowledge to the rest of the facility’s staff.

– Protect facility personnel: Learn the latest and most practical EHS approaches to help healthcare facilities achieve greater workplace safety.

– Understand and meet regulations: Learn what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) expects of your facility and how to apply efficient compliance solutions.

– Improve staff efficiency: Reduce injuries, disease, and infections so that top performers remain on the job and stay with your company knowing they can expect a safe working environment.

– Reduce operational costs: Minimize incidents to save your organization money on injury compensation, lawsuit payouts, and other losses.

– Further your EHS career: Gain the skills and certificates you need to prove your value to current and prospective employers.

Sign Up for NASP’s Healthcare Industry Safety Courses Online

NASP dives deeper into EHS topics to give healthcare industry safety professionals the most comprehensive educational opportunities available. Our CSMH program will prepare you to tackle today’s most relevant EHS safety and compliance challenges, so register online today.

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