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The NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Board (NASPCB) is a separately functioning entity established to oversee the NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Program and to separate the roles and responsibilities between the NASP/IASP, Inc. Board of Directors and the NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Program to maintain impartiality and neutrality. The Certification Board operates independently to establish and uphold high standards of competence for workplace safety professionals, to evaluate professionals against those standards, and to increase safety in the workplace through the CSD and MSP credentials.

With strategic oversight from the Executive Board, the NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Board was established to set the standards and qualifications for individuals who practice specific disciplines within the workplace safety profession; to establish voluntary certification testing of applicants who meet or exceed the training, educational, and professional experience requirements set by the Certification Board; to annually review, and if necessary, revise the standards and qualifications, as well as the Board’s provisions in the NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Program Operations Manual and NASP/IASP, Inc. Certification Program Candidate Handbook.

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