What happens if I miss the recertification deadline?

Category: NASPCB FAQ

A 30-day Grace period is offered to those who fail to meet the Recertification Requirements expiration date noted on the Certificant’s Certificate and NASP Student Portal. Should a Certificant fail to recertify within the given timeframe, during the 30-day grace period, the Certificant will be required to contact the NASPCB and complete the CEUs and make a payment directly to NASPCB. Once the Certificant has completed the Recertification Requirements, the Student Portal will reflect the new Recertification Cycle.

Certificants who hold the CSD or MSP certification and fail to maintain their certification requirements and let it expire must reapply and take the examination and pay the application fee and exam fee.

If the individual does not successfully pass the examination after two exam attempts, they may reapply as a new applicant for the certification after one (1) year from the day of the last exam. They must meet all eligibility requirements and pay the associated fees.

Should a Certificant fall within the expiration category, the CSD & MSP Directory will reflect the Certificant Profile status of expired.

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