When will I receive my certificate?

Please allow 5-10 business days in order for us to review your score and issue your certificate. For our international students, some delays through the US Postal Service can be expected. Occasionally, customs will open packages for security reasons and then not send packages to their final destination. To avoid…

Am I able to review my answers before submitting an exam?

No. For each question, you must click the “Submit” button to finalize your answer. Be certain that you have selected the answer that you want before you click submit. Once you submit your answer, it cannot be changed. As soon as you submit your answer, you will be informed if…

Are exams timed?

Exams are not timed. However, you are required to complete exams in one session. Exiting from the exam before results page will result in a failed attempt.

I have outside coursework. Am I able to use that towards one of the certificates?

No. NASP courses are designed as stand-alone courses and must be completed in full for students to receive certificates. However, students may find that knowledge from completed outside coursework assists them in completing NASP courses. Please note that the Safety Professional Certificate and Safety Director Certificate certificates require prerequisites of…

Are exams open book?

Tests are open book. You can utilize your course materials during exams.

What is considered a passing grade? What if I fail?

NASP exams allow two (2) attempts to make a passing score of 80%. After two attempts, the exam is no longer accessible. Additional exam attempts may be purchased for a small administrative fee. To purchase additional exam attempts, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-922-2219.