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Spill and Leak Control

Discover what it takes to control spills and leaks through drum plugging and patching, diking and diversion, and the incident command system

Mitigation of Hazards

Learn the methods used to mitigate hazards relating to fire and explosions, confined space entry, bloodborne pathogens, medical treatment and first aid, among various others

Medical Surveillance Programs

Understand the various requirements of medical surveillance programs for hazardous site workers and emergency responders to include occupational exposure, monitoring, examination, and risk factors

Personal Protective Equipment

Discover how to develop a strong PPE program and the selection, use, maintenance, and limitations of PPE commonly used during HAZMAT/HAZWOPER operations


Learn about the purpose and prevention of decontamination, how to construct a decontamination plan, and what methods of decontamination to use

Emergency Response Procedures

Acquire the knowledge to both recognize and prevent emergency response incidents at your facility, improve communications and security, and implement safe evacuation routes, procedures, and safe distances

Hazard Evaluation

Clarify the difference between spills that are incidental or require emergency response, how to conduct a hazard assessment, and how to measure hazards

Written Program Requirements

Learn the requirements of various Safety & Health, Emergency Response, Medical Surveillance, Respirator, and Spill Containment programs so that you may strengthen, or create, your own internal programs

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