Top 10 Hazardous Electrical Tasks

A new research report conducted by the DC Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association has zeroed in on the ten most hazardous electrical tasks that pose the greatest risk of injury to workers.

The Top 10 Include:

  1. Demolishing or removing electrical equipment:
  2. Performing site work, layout, and logistics
  3. Preparing ground for underground electrical installations
  4. Working with pulling cables and wires
  5. Performing lockout/tagout
  6. Operating trucks with boom lifts or standalone lifts
  7. Producing openings for conduit and electrical lines
  8. Installing new electrical equipment
  9. Performing preventive maintenance on electrical equipment, and
  10. Energizing electrical equipment.

The study was conducted with NIOSH support at the Center for Construction Research and Training in collaboration with ten experts representing electrical contractors, unions and trade associations.

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