Safety Professional Creed

NASP came across this on a safety professional website. We are unsure of the author as it had been shared by someone else. However, we feel that it accurately depicts the role of a seasoned safety professional and we wished to share it.

I am a Safety Professional

I am not a police officer, and I do not write citations.

My job is to monitor, audit, review, and advise.

I do not have the ability nor the desire to “Fire” anyone

My goal is to make sure each employee goes home to his/her family at the end of their shift.

I will be firm, fair and consistent with my responses.

My ability to communicate is my strongest tool.

I understand that making someone follow a rule is easy, but making them want to follow it is my job.

I identify gaps in the processes and advise my client on the best way to correct them.

My positive attitude, personality, and common sense will take me further than any degree or certification I may have. 

Because, I am a Safety Professional.


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